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Why Does God Allow Suffering?


“Why is God punishing me? Why is life going so hard and difficult for me? I can’t take this anymore. I don’t know what to do. Where are the answers?”

















Life on this planet is ROUGH! We are a world still affected today by an age old Lucifer rebellion and you and I may find ourselves caught in this. People choose to hurt each other. Greed, selfishness, abuse, manipulation, lies and corruption, rampant here. Tragic accidents may happen and leave our own lives ripped and torn apart with pain, trauma and personal depression. Where can we find meaning to what we are experiencing?











God is not the one hurting you. God is one who has the answers for you and wants to help you. Jesus told us that our Paradise Father dwells within our own minds as our best friend 

                                                                        ~ FOREVER!


Here are some statements from Jesus and our book that sheds light for us to move from darkness to light, depression into spiritual victory and sadness to JOY!


Statements to consider from Journey To The Father/The Urantia Book:


“Your Father in heaven, by endowing you with the power to choose between truth and error, created the potential negative of the positive way of light and life; but such errors of evil are really nonexistent until such a time as an intelligent creature wills their existence by mischoosing the way of life. And then are such evils later exalted into sin by the knowing and deliberate choice of such a willful and rebellious creature. This is why our Father in heaven permits the good and the evil to go along together until the end of life, just as nature allows the wheat and the tares to grow side by side until the harvest.” ~ Jesus 130:1.6


Robots cannot ‘choose’. Our Father doesn’t want us to be robots.

He wants us to come to Him because we WANT Him in our lives.

In order for us to CHOOSE goodness we must be presented with the choice for badness, error, evil or sin.

Universe difficulties must be met and planetary obstacles must be encountered as a part of the experience training provided for the growth and development, the progressive perfection, of the evolving souls of mortal creatures. The spiritualization of the human soul requires intimate experience with the educational solving of a wide range of real universe problems. The animal nature and the lower forms of will creatures do not progress favorably in environmental ease. Problematic situations, coupled with exertion stimuli, conspire to produce those activities of mind, soul, and spirit which contribute mightily to the achievement of worthy goals of mortal progression and to the attainment of higher levels of spirit destiny. 154:2.5

Do not become discouraged by the discovery that you are human. Human nature may tend toward evil, but it is not inherently sinful. Be not downcast by your failure wholly to forget some of your regrettable experiences. The mistakes which you fail to forget in time will be forgotten in eternity. Lighten your burdens of soul by speedily acquiring a long-distance view of your destiny, a universe expansion of your career. 156:5.8

“Nathaniel, you and many others are thus perplexed because you do not comprehend how the natural order of this world has been so many times upset by the sinful adventures of certain rebellious traitors to the Father’s will. And I have come to make a beginning of setting these things in order. But many ages will be required to restore this part of the universe to former paths and thus release the children of men from the extra burdens of sin and rebellion. The presence of evil alone is sufficient test for the ascension of man — sin is not essential to survival. ~ Jesus 148:5.2

“But, my son, you should know that the Father does not purposely afflict his children. Man brings down upon himself unnecessary affliction as a result of his persistent refusal to walk in the better ways of the divine will. Affliction is potential in evil, but much of it has been produced by sin and iniquity. Many unusual events have transpired on this world, and it is not strange that all thinking men should be perplexed by the scenes of suffering and affliction which they witness. But of one thing you may be sure: The Father does not send affliction as an arbitrary punishment for wrongdoing. The imperfections and handicaps of evil are inherent; the penalties of sin are inevitable; the destroying consequences of iniquity are inexorable. Man should not blame God for those afflictions which are the natural result of the life which he chooses to live; neither should man complain of those experiences which are a part of life as it is lived on this world. It is the Father’s will that mortal man should work persistently and consistently toward the betterment of his estate on earth. Intelligent application would enable man to overcome much of his earthly misery.” ~ Jesus 148:5.3


This answers the questions about 'why' suffering is allowed on our world.  We invite you to consider listening/reading about the topics of soul growth and how to make contact with God who dwells within you in our Talks section.





















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