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The Jesus MeetUp

"Who Am I"

Week #28

The Jesus MeetUp                                            Who Am I?                               Week #28


     “You are a child of the Universe,

               No less than the trees and the stars

                         You have a right to be here...”

                                   excerpt from: THE DESIDERATA by Max Ehrmann


The above few lines were written by Max Ehrmann in 1927 as he engaged in quiet contemplation throughout his life with his indwelling Father Fragment, the same gift we have from our Paradise Father residing within our own minds! Read the rest of this poem, with Latin title meaning “Things to be desired”, to take heart in your identity and destiny.


"Even if the door to the way of life is narrow, it is wide enough to admit all who sincerely seek to enter, for I am that door. And the Son will never refuse entrance to any child of the universe who, by faith, seeks to find the Father through the Son" ~ Jesus 166: 3.3























Who Am I? What exactly is my Identity?

It is a planetary reality that each and every one of us is a child of God!  Therefore, you need only choose to believe. THEN, must you accept his gift of faith to know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that you are in his eternal embrace. In accepting this gift, you understand that you are a part of the grand universe, Creation, and are a sibling to all other creatures, being obliged to follow his “house rules”: to love and serve one another. Not easy as MANY others do not follow these rules! We can only strive to do our best.


Our Heavenly Father KNOWS we are imperfect, created us so!

Have you ever wondered: If we are created in His image, why are we so imperfect and do so much wrong?!

Actually, it is because of his indwelling Presence within our mind that we are in his fact! His image is within US!  (In the lesson of Week #23, you learn and understand how you were CHOSEN by God for his new dwelling place.)


How does his perfect plan work for and with us? It is because of one of his other gifts to us – Free Will – that he guides us in our sincere cooperation with him, that we freely choose his divine way. Each time we do so, we are making it easier for him to work in and with our mind. Therefore, does he watch his imperfect children desire and choose to become more and more like him! What a delight that must be for our Universal Father to watch you and me in our consecrated desire to come closer to him!
















OK.  Why Me? Or: Why NOT Me?!

“The divine nature can also be better understood by man if he regards himself as a child of God and looks up to the Paradise Creator as a true spiritual Father.” (2:0.1)

Since God is known throughout all of his Creation as the Father of Love, he needs to have children to love. When you accept that your true Father, upon whom all sincere fathers here on this world should be taking as their role model, you will realize how much you are loved...even more than the “best form of love” you have ever known here, as he does not expect anything in return, except your faith in him.


Contemplate until you KNOW: YOU ARE A CHILD OF A LIVING and LOVING GOD.

“The love of the Father absolutely individualizes each personality as a unique child of the Universal Father, a child without duplicate in infinity, a will creature irreplaceable in all eternity...” (12:7.9)

You are not only one of his divinely beloved children, but there is no one else who looks, sounds, thinks, acts like you in ALL of his vast creation = unique! Just as each child in any family here on earth is so different and unique a part from her/his siblings. And the fact that you are irreplaceable means that you need to do your level best as often as you possibly can to not let him down! There is NO way to make another YOU. You will end up being a gift to HIM, in eternity, which he looks forward to as much as you look forward to any exciting time in your life.











Jesus explained our choosing in cooperation with him as his will:

“The will of God is the way of God, partnership with the choice of God in the face of any potential alternative. To do the will of God, therefore, is the progressive experience of becoming more and more like God...”(130:2.7)


"It is in making the best decision, that we choose the way and the will of God. Hence, “sooner or later “the Spirit bears witness with your spirit (the Adjuster) that you are a child of God.” (34:6.12)

Know that it is only in the spiritual sense that you are a child of God.


















Jesus in speaking with the young Indian lad...

“But most valuable of all, your potential of real achievement is the spirit which lives within you, and which will stimulate and inspire your mind to control itself and activate the body if you will release it from the fetters of fear and thus enable your spiritual nature to begin your deliverance from the evils of inaction by the power-presence of living faith. And then, forthwith, will this faith vanquish fear of men by the compelling presence of that new and all-dominating love of your fellows which will so soon fill your soul to overflowing because of the consciousness which has been born in your heart that you are a child of God." (130:2.7)




















Then, does Jesus make it clear in simple terms:

“The earth child comes into being by the will of its parents. Even so, the child of God comes into grace and the new life of the spirit by the will of the Father in heaven." (144:4.3)

It IS the Father’s will that you are here and WHO you are!


As a Child of God, what is my Destiny?

Even though you may be confused about your origin, do NOT lose sight of your eternal destiny. Look at how our Father depends upon you and your choices for eternal survival.


“Upon the integrity of the human volition depends the eternal destiny of the future finaliter; upon the sincerity of the mortal free will the divine Adjuster depends for eternal personality; upon the faithfulness of mortal choice the Universal Father depends for the realization of a new ascending son...(112:5.5)

Let’s re-state this:

  • the eternal destiny of you and me as a finaliter (our end spirit form) depends upon the sincerity of our will to choose correctly;

  • the combined eternal personality of you and your divine indwelling Father Fragment (your Adjuster) depends upon the pure honesty and intention of your free will;

  • our Universal Father depends upon your becoming REAL as an ascending son, by your steadfast and faith-filled choosing.











You are truly the Architect of your eternal destiny!

Said Jesus:

“Forget not—it is your personal faith in the exceedingly great and precious promises of God that ensures your becoming partakers of the divine nature. Thus by your faith and the spirit’s transformation, you become in reality the temples of God, and his spirit actually dwells within you. If, then, the spirit dwells within you, you are no longer bondslaves of the flesh but free and liberated sons of the spirit.” (143:2.4)


Do you see that in becoming participants in divine nature we are, by definition,

transforming into eternal beings?





















“And having thus lived for the glory of the Father and the satisfaction of the Son, you shall enter with joy and exceedingly great pleasure into the eternal service of the everlasting kingdom.” (176:2.4)

Jesus WANTS us to have eternal life by earning it through loving service here on earth, pleasing both our Universal Father and the Son, which will prepare us for the adventure of service opportunities throughout eternity!


To the runaway lad Jesus said: “... settle down to the courageous practice of facing the facts of life; lay firm hold on the assurances of sonship with God and the certainty of eternal life, as I have instructed you. From this day on purpose to be a real man, a man determined to face life bravely and intelligently.” (133:4.11)


Your future is UP TO YOU!


To eternal life, whose door is open to all! 



1. Who do you want to be in your eternal spiritual career as you journey to your Father in Paradise?

2. Discuss how has this lesson made you think differently about yourself? About others?

3. Why is nothing better than to find God and KNOW God in our eternal life going forward from here?


Now is a good time to say the Lord’s Prayer together. Feel free to write a prayer request and give it to your leader.


Next week’s lesson is #29 Kingdom of Heaven: What is it?

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