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To Attain Him: Introduction

To Attain Him: Step 1

To Attain Him: Step 2

To Attain Him: Step 3

To Attain Him: Step 4

To Attain Him: Step 5

To Attain Him: Step 6

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We are dearly loved specks of dust with personalities from Paradise.

                             Our show will never die!

44:1.14  The best music of Urantia is just a fleeting echo of the magnificent strains heard by the celestial associates of your musicians, who left but snatches of these harmonies of morontia forces on record as the musical melodies of sound harmonics. Spirit-morontia music not infrequently employs all seven modes of expression and reproduction, so that the human mind is tremendously handicapped in any attempt to reduce these melodies of the higher spheres to mere notes of musical sound. Such an effort would be something like endeavoring to reproduce the strains of a great orchestra by means of a single musical instrument.

                                                              ~ an Archangel of Nebadon

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