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The Jesus MeetUp

 "Jesus/Michael: Creator Sons"

Week #32


The Jesus MeetUp                    Jesus/Michael: Creator Sons               Week #32


Who was Christ Michael, known to us as Jesus? Where did he really come from?

We need to back up a bit in order to answer these questions.


What is a “superuniverse”?!




















In ALL of Creation, commonly known as the grand universe or the “universe of universes”, which the Father himself expressed outwardly due to the pouring out of his Divine Love, there are organized seven very large universes called “superuniverses”.


Why seven, you ask?


That is the number combination of the three Trinity personalities who have bestowed their spirit essence and influence upon each superuniverse:

So, each with the Spirit - #1 = of the Father; # 2 – of the Son; #3 – of the Infinite Spirit; #4 – of the Father and the Son; #5 – of the Son and the Infinite Spirit; #6 – of the Father and the Infinite Spirit; and #7 (ours – called Orvonton!) - has the spirit influence of all three!! Each of these huge individual manifestations revolve around the Central Isle of Paradise in a circular and orderly fashion, for all running into each other ever!


Each superuniverse is comprised of many organized groups, one of which is 100,000 local universes, each created by a Creator Son. These Creator Sons, also known as Paradise Sons as they originate in Paradise, are all called Michael Sons and are each called Michael. Our very own Michael Son came to us to be known as Jesus...more on that in a few more paragraphs.


As each Michael is the Creator-Father, together with our Divine Mother, of course,

we think our Michael is the best Michael Son– our Dad! Wouldn’t you?


If your own biological father was named David, for example, and you had a couple of friends whose fathers’ names was David as well, wouldn’t your dad be the best David in your eyes? Yay! And our whole experience here until we have fused (combined perfectly with our indwelling Father Fragment to become one) will be uniquely knowing him as our Father and we as his children.

How do these Creator Sons come to be?

Some background on the parents: “The Original and Eternal Son (the second person of the Trinity) is the offspring-person of the “first” completed and infinite thought of the Universal Father. Every time the Universal Father and the Eternal Son jointly project a new, original, identical, unique, and absolute personal thought, that very instant this creative idea is perfectly and finally personalized in the being and personality of a new and original Creator Son. In spirit nature, divine wisdom, and co-ordinate creative power, these Creator Sons are potentially equal with God the Father and God the Son.”(7:6.3)





















This is amazing as our Michael was the 611,121st Michael Son to be created. Remember that each superuniverse has 100,000 local universes, created by a Michael Son...may we presume that the other superuniverses (#1 through #6), have their full complement of Michael Sons? And that we in Orvonton have worked our way up to 611,121 so far? Meaning that almost 89,000 more local universes to be created by new and original Michael Sons will be created by this same origination of each Son?

So now, Jesus – where does he “come in”? What is a “bestowal”?

“Bestowal” coming from “to bestow” means: to invest in; to commit to; to lavish upon; to distribute to; to give to. With this in mind, know that our Father Michael bestowed himself – gifted himself – seven times in the likeness of seven of his many types of children.

Read the following: “The attribute of bestowal is inherent in the Paradise Sons of the Universal Father. In their desire to come close to the life experiences of their subordinate living creatures, the various orders of the Paradise Sons are reflecting the divine nature of their Paradise parents. The Eternal Son of the Paradise Trinity led the way in this practice, having seven times bestowed himself upon the seven circuits of Havona...” (119:0.2)


So you see, that following the pattern, example, of the Eternal Son of bestowing himself on to others, ALL the other local universe Creators do the same thing as it is their pleasure to share their experience amidst their parents with their children. Kind of like us, too – after living with good parents at home, we like to have the opportunity, if we are fortunate, to partner with someone else and to bestow upon our children the love and knowledge we experienced in our first home. Make sense?

A promise each Michael makes in order to complete his universe-making requirements:

“When the Eternal Son bestows a Creator Son upon a projected local universe, that Creator Son assumes full responsibility for the completion, control, and composure of that new universe, including the solemn oath to the eternal Trinity not to assume full sovereignty of the new creation until his seven creature bestowals shall have been successfully completed and certified by the Ancients of Days of the superuniverse of jurisdiction. This obligation is assumed by every Michael Son who volunteers to go out from Paradise to engage in universe organization and creation.”(119:0.3)














Important to note how as these Michael Sons initially spread out into their new creation, that there is a formality to accepting such an immense responsibility in forming and taking on the rest of the development of a local universe, as we would when we commit in a marriage ceremony to being faithful to a partner as well as to any children who might be born into the union.


Why are these bestowals necessary for full authority over their own universe?

“The purpose of these creature incarnations is to enable such Creators to become wise, sympathetic, just, and understanding sovereigns. These divine Sons are innately just, but they become understandingly merciful as a result of these successive bestowal experiences; they are naturally merciful, but these experiences make them merciful in new and additional ways. These bestowals are the last steps in their education and training for the sublime tasks of ruling the local universes in divine righteousness and by just judgment.”(119:04)

Then, and only after the successful completion of the seventh bestowal, do these Michaels “graduate”, as they ascend immediately to the Father for approval and then become known as a Master Sovereign Son of his own creation – like our Michael now is!


















Look at the POWER invested in the Creator Sons – including ours!

“The Creator Sons seem to possess a spiritual endowment centering in their persons, which they control and which they can bestow, as did your own Creator Son when he poured out his spirit upon all mortal flesh on Urantia. Each Creator Son is endowed with this spiritual drawing power in his own realm; he is personally conscious of every act and emotion of every descending Son of God serving in his domain. Here is a divine reflection, a local universe duplication, of that absolute spiritual drawing power of the Eternal Son which enables him to reach out to make and maintain contact with all his Paradise Sons, no matter where they may be in all the universe of universes.”(20:1:13)


“Our Creator Son exerts the same spiritual drawing power, spirit gravity, from the headquarters of the local universe that the Eternal Son of Paradise would exert if he were personally present on Salvington, and more; this Universe Son is also the personification of the Universal Father to the universe of Nebadon (the name of our local universe!). Creator Sons are personality centers for the spiritual forces of the Paradise Father-Son. Creator Sons are the final power-personality focalizations of the mighty time-space attributes of God the Sevenfold. (33:1:3)













And how do we involve ourselves, choose to become drawn by this channel of spiritual power that is a part of our own Michael? He wants us! We need to co-operate!


Let’s continue: “Said your Paradise bestowal Son (Jesus) when yet on Urantia, "I, if I am lifted up, will draw all men." This spiritual drawing power of the Paradise Sons and their creative associates we recognize and understand, but we do not so fully comprehend the methods of the all-wise Father's functioning in and through these Mystery Monitors that live and work so valiantly within the human mind.” (108:4.1)




















Jesus does all the work of drawing.

However, He expects our obedience to promote and lift Him up to our fellows.

We will be held accountable for this.
















Enter Jesus of Nazareth!  Now you have learned about the bestowal requirement and purpose, you must the better understand why our Michael had to bestow himself seven times. And his final and seventh bestowal was as the lowest of his will creatures, mortal man – us. He was conceived by and born of Mary and Joseph (who were happily married for over a year) in 7 BCE, as a helpless babe as you and I are – flesh and blood. He was given the name Joshua ben Joseph, and he lived as a toddler, child, adolescent and a full-grown adult until his death at the age of thirty-six,in 30 CE, having been put to death at the hands of the Roman soldiers under the orders of the vengeance-seeking Jewish Sanhedrists.


However, as we are told: “Of all human knowledge, that which is of greatest value is to know the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it.”(196:1.3)

This means to thoroughly study his human life, to look at how he acted in each situation with another/others, in his private, personal life, and in his religious dealings with the apostles and all others with whom he came in contact. When he ascended to the Father on May 18, 30 CE, and ultimately became our Master Sovereign Son, he returned to his administrative position as co-ruler of our Universe AND as our Father – being both Michael and Jesus in one.

To honoring our Master Creator Son, Jesus with our lives. 

Question to discuss:

1. How does knowing the origin of our Elder Brother Jesus affect how you think about Universe administration and him?

2. What surprised you the most about this lesson of our Master Michael, Jesus? Why?

3. How do you think you will respond when you meet Him face to face one day?


Our next Lesson/Celebration: JESUS’ BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION  Week #33

Baptisms - Commitment  Time - Testimonies - Small Group Breakout - Personal Best Gift Given To Him

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