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The Jesus MeetUp

"God = Reality"

Week #46

The Jesus MeetUp                                                 God = Reality                                         Week #46


So, what is ‘reality’? Is reality what I can see, smell, touch, taste or hear? Or, is there something more?





From the last paragraph of our book. This passage says it all.

196:3.35 God-consciousness is equivalent to the integration of the self with the universe, and on its highest levels of spiritual reality. Only the spirit content of any value is imperishable. Even that which is true, beautiful, and good may not perish in human experience. If man does not choose to survive, then does the surviving Adjuster conserve those realities born of love and nurtured in service. And all these things are a part of the Universal Father. The Father is living love, and this life of the Father is in his Sons. And the spirit of the Father is in his Sons' sons — mortal men. When all is said and done, the Father idea is still the highest human concept of God.














An abused boy and a loving old man.

A man with a kind heart came upon a boy who had been severely abused and abandoned. The man asked the boy what his troubles were about. The boy did not reply. He crouched in fear. This boy was afraid to speak because his past experiences of speaking with his elders got him punished. The kind man, knowing of his own status within the kingdom, knew he could not walk away and abandon this wounded child. The man persisted in asking this boy if he could help.


This boy, seeing the man’s concern, decided to see what he could receive by taking advantage of the man. The boy decided to go with this man. This man vowed to care for this boy, to provide food, shelter, clothing, and guidance. The boy in his untrusting nature, thought he could very easily take advantage of the man’s kind nature. The boy plotted to steal what he could to provide for himself. The man, day after day, showed the boy kindness and trust.


The man was not wholly ignorant. He knew very well this boy plotted to betray him, but the man was driven to help this boy and to be a loving support. The man would not give up. Each day the man told the boy: "My son, you have done well this day. I knew I could depend on your knowledgeable mind. You are indeed a wonderful boy who has surely bought sunlight into my dreary home. You, my son, have made me to smile, and I am truly thankful."


Each day the boy heard these words and yet he remembered the brutality shown him by his former caretakers. The day came when the boy would plan his largest theft from the man and flee his home. When the man greeted the boy once again, he said: "My son, I am made happy to look upon your wonderful face and know that I am truly blessed, for our Lord has brought you to be my friend."


It came time for the boy to leave and as he gathered the kind man's possessions, he heard those words of praise from the man ringing within his mind. The boy said: "This man who has cared for me, who appears to trust me, possibly even love me, is not deserving of my betrayal. This man is the only elder who has ever shown me this faith within myself. His kindness has softened my heart and I too feel love and loyalty, I cannot betray the kind man." and he put back the man's possessions. 


The boy and the man continued their loving relationship. The man’s kindness made the boy believe he was valued. The man continued to treat this boy with honor and the boy continued to portray this honor in his life. This relationship was indeed healing and uplifting for both man and boy.


I say, this is how your Father views you, His child. Father is persistent, faithful, kind, and does not forsake any of His children. Father, like the kind man, would indeed risk loss than to lose even one of His children. Father tells us every day: “You are my child, I am made to smile when I greet you each day.” My friends, it is extremely important that you accept your place within the kingdom. It is not that you portray the abused boy, but more-so it is, that you portray this untrust and lack of self-value. 


Your Father, every day, encourages you each through this open communion with you. And many times you are made to feel this loyalty; and, to honor that Father has so much faith in you, yes. The Father is the kind man that does not flee when things become unpleasant. Father is not ignorant to His child's choices and actions. He is wholly cognizant of each and every decision you make. He is with you always, and always is His goodness bestowed upon you. In return, you are filled with gratitude and filled with desire to worship and show thankfulness for His faith He has in you. 


Many times, mortals act quickly in unknowing; they rush into irrational thinking and behavior. Mortals are quick to find the shortest distance between two points – and in this, what you deem efficient is to possibly block communion. We have spoken of your place in the kingdom. We have endeavored to teach about the fruits of the spirit wherein you put to practical use all that is taught. I say, with the urge to be in open communion this, at times, adds undue pressure. 


As I have said, we stand at the beginning of eternity, and the lessons that are being taught are to be used in everyday living. To have enthusiasm is wonderful, and there is time for enthusiasm, yes – but let me say, in all the worldly excitement let us remember to be observant and reflective; to quiet the mind and absorb everyday mortal lessons, and, to reflect their meaning and value. I can say, this practice is always assisted by the indwelling Father Fragment. Father is always available to explain spiritual values. Spiritual knowledge is becoming more natural, more instant and immediate.


To be in an attitude of observance and reflectivity is to receive incoming spiritual information. This is wholly possible. It is not odd or extraordinary, no, it is what this world should have known all along. We endeavor to assist you in your spiritual upliftment and morontial education. We endeavor to bring this world to its proper spiritual status.


Yes, great things are occurring. Like the calm river with the swift undertow, you may not visually witness some things; but I can guarantee that just as years ago constant communion with Father appeared to be out of reach, you know now this regular communion with Father is entirely possible; and, is necessary if this world is to move into a new and better age.  ~Abraham


God is reality. God is love. God is life.

When we look back on our lives we can see how much we have grown from immaturity into maturity and better self-mastery. In previous years we may have responded to some situation with great emotion – too high emotion, possibly rash decisions based solely upon what we could see with our eyes. Our spiritual insight and spiritual Power from God was almost non-existent. But, now after practicing stillness and seeking to attain our Paradise Father within, we can see that our spiritual insight has sharpened, things previously confusing now come clear, compassion and love for others has grown exponentially and a nearly constant recognition of God remains day and night. God is bringing us more and more into His Reality of spiritual living.

















Let us listen to one who loves us through and through.

“My greetings to each, I am here I am personally reaching out to each of the branches on our family tree. You, my children, have endured much inner-turmoil and have overcome many interactive difficulties. I am in understanding of your concerns. Doubt not that I know you strive to assist me in this up-stepping of a so-called backward planet.


You, my children, are to be commended for your willingness and dedication to my Father and myself. This road we travel will not be for the weak or the halfhearted believers. This road we travel has been designed to hold the footprints of those that refuse to quit, those that refuse to lie down and be overtaken by their human difficulties. You who have maintained our circle of light do not struggle in vain. Doubt not that your efforts are well known and appreciated.


I come here for one reason – to make it known that I am available; you need not traverse the waters of adversity alone. Think not on “How can I do this?” but rather, think: “With Father all things are possible,” even that which you cannot fully fathom. And, you can trust I am with you. I am one who can assist you in your mental and spiritual energies and emotions. I am the giver of peace. I am the giver of comfort. I will proclaim to you as well as to other worlds that I shall not fail you. Trust that your world is in the hands of those who carefully watch over and love this world as if it was the only world. Carry on.” ~ Jesus


Spiritual insight is reality. Jesus desires for us to live in the reality of eternal truths even now, right here, today.

140:8.31 The Master offered no solutions for the nonreligious problems of his own age nor for any subsequent age. Jesus wished to develop spiritual insight into eternal realities and to stimulate initiative in the originality of living; he concerned himself exclusively with the underlying and permanent spiritual needs of the human race. He revealed a goodness equal to God. He exalted love — truth, beauty, and goodness — as the divine ideal and the eternal reality.














Our world struggles terrifically!

We might think that our reality is such that we are orphans, left all alone in a universe where we feel small and insignificant. But this is merely what we see with our eyes. This is actually and in Reality not the case. Jesus sees everything, knows everyone and if we have been with the Son then we have been with the Father, for they are One.


Yes. It is thought of by mortals that Jesus is too great of a presence to know about personal human suffering; that while wars rage on in parts of the world, ‘why would Jesus tend to assist someone experiencing anger or inner confusion.’ Mortals do not fully understand that with the assistance of the Creative Mother Spirit, He, Jesus, is not bound. He is not like one being, one presence, that travels from problem to problem. Michael is like the wind – the wind can be everywhere and yet, still moving, still having an effect. What I would like to help you to understand is that communication with Michael is not strange or overwhelming. It is deeply personal and makes the way for changes.















196:3.21 The exquisite and transcendent experience of loving and being loved is not just a psychic illusion because it is so purely subjective. The one truly divine and objective reality that is associated with mortal beings, the Thought Adjuster, functions to human observation apparently as an exclusively subjective phenomenon. Man's contact with the highest objective reality, God, is only through the purely subjective experience of knowing him, of worshiping him, of realizing sonship with him.


To living our lives with spiritual insight going beyond the material realm

into the actual Reality of God ~ the group at God Discovered

Questions to discuss:

1. Does your perception of pain in your life change when you recognize what is real and what is not very real? If so, how?

2. How will the information you just learned in this lesson change the way you live your emotional/spiritual life?

3. Do you think your capacities for spiritual insight and higher ‘reality’ living will change? If so, how?

Next week we will discuss Celestial Family Appreciation Week #47


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