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"Is Jesus Our Savior" Study group information formatted for a one page double-sided print for a 8.5X11 sheet of paper


The Jesus MeetUp                                    Is Jesus Our Savior?                                       Week 14

                                                            The answer is a resounding YES!

Urantia is the sentimental shrine of all Nebadon, the chief of ten million inhabited worlds, the mortal home of Christ Michael, sovereign of all Nebadon, a Melchizedek minister to the realms, a system savior, an Adamic redeemer, a seraphic fellow, an associate of ascending spirits, a morontia progressor, a Son of Man in the likeness of mortal flesh, and the Planetary Prince of Urantia. And your record tells the truth when it says that this same Jesus has promised sometime to return to the world of his terminal bestowal, the World of the Cross. 119:8.8

188:5:2 [#4]                           Does The Urantia Book teach that Jesus is the Savior?

The cross forever shows that the attitude of Jesus toward sinners was neither condemnation nor con-donation, but rather eternal and loving salvation. Jesus is truly a savior in the sense that his life and death do win men over to goodness and righteous survival. Jesus loves men so much that his love awakens the response of love in the human heart. Love is truly contagious and eternally creative. Jesus' death on the cross exemplifies a love which is sufficiently strong and divine to forgive sin and swallow up all evil-doing. Jesus disclosed to this world a higher quality of righteousness than justice — mere technical right and wrong. Divine love does not merely forgive wrongs; it absorbs and actually destroys them. The forgiveness of love utterly transcends the forgiveness of mercy. Mercy sets the guilt of evil-doing to one side; but love destroys forever the sin and all weakness resulting therefrom. Jesus brought a new method of living to Urantia. He taught us not to resist evil but to find through him a goodness which effectually destroys evil. The forgiveness of Jesus is not con-donation; it is salvation from condemnation. Salvation does not slight wrongs; it makes them right. True love does not compromise nor condone hate; it destroys it. The love of Jesus is never satisfied with mere forgiveness. The Master's love implies rehabilitation, eternal survival. It is altogether proper to speak of salvation as redemption if you mean this eternal rehabilitation.

                 What an astute question asked: Do you believe Jesus sacrificed his life to save us?

186:2:3 [#4] Jesus was convinced that it was the will of the Father that he submit himself to the natural and ordinary course of human events just as every other mortal creature must, and therefore he refused to employ even his purely human powers of persuasive eloquence to influence the outcome of the machinations of his socially nearsighted and spiritually blinded fellow mortals. Although Jesus lived and died on Urantia, his whole human career, from first to last, was a spectacle designed to influence and instruct the entire universe of his creation and unceasing upholding.

187:5:6 [#4]

Jesus died royally — as he had lived. He freely admitted his kingship and remained master of the situation throughout the tragic day. He went willingly to his ignominious death, after he had provided for the safety of his chosen apostles. He wisely restrained Peter's trouble-making violence and provided that John might be near him right up to the end of his mortal existence. He revealed his true nature to the murderous Sanhedrin and reminded Pilate of the source of his sovereign authority as a Son of God. He started out to Golgotha bearing his own crossbeam and finished up his loving bestowal by handing over his spirit of mortal acquirement to the Paradise Father. After such a life — and at such a death — the Master could truly say, "It is finished."

184:4:6 [#4]               Lonely mortals of earth are enabled to escape personality isolation.

These are the moments of the Master's greatest victories in all his long and eventful career as maker, upholder, and savior of a vast and far-flung universe. Having lived to the full a life of revealing God to man, Jesus is now engaged in making a new and unprecedented revelation of man to God. Jesus is now revealing to the worlds the final triumph over all fears of creature personality isolation. The Son of Man has finally achieved the realization of identity as the Son of God. Jesus does not hesitate to assert that he and the Father are one; and on the basis of the fact and truth of that supreme and supernal experience, he admonishes every kingdom believer to become one with him even as he and his Father are one. The living experience in the religion of Jesus thus becomes the sure and certain technique whereby the spiritually isolated and cosmically lonely mortals of earth are enabled to escape personality isolation, with all its consequences of fear and associated feelings of helplessness. In the fraternal realities of the kingdom of heaven the faith sons of God find final deliverance from the isolation of the self, both personal and planetary. The God-knowing believer increasingly experiences the ecstasy and grandeur of spiritual socialization on a universe scale — citizenship on high in association with the eternal realization of the divine destiny of perfection attainment.

188:4:7 [#4]                            It is wholly correct to refer to him as a SAVIOR.

Though it is hardly proper to speak of Jesus as a sacrificer, a ransomer, or a redeemer, it is wholly correct to refer to him as a savior. He forever made the way of salvation (survival) more clear and certain; he did better and more surely show the way of salvation for all the mortals of all the worlds of the universe of Nebadon.


186:5:6 [#4]                           All other celestial intelligence s now love us MORE!

The Father in heaven loved mortal man on earth just as much before the life and death of Jesus on Urantia as he did after this transcendent exhibition of the co-partnership of man and God. This mighty transaction of the incarnation of the God of Nebadon as a man on Urantia could not augment the attributes of the eternal, infinite, and universal Father, but it did enrich and enlighten all other administrators and creatures of the universe of Nebadon. While the Father in heaven loves us no more because of this bestowal of Michael, all other celestial intelligence s do. And this is because Jesus not only made a revelation of God to man, but he also likewise made a new revelation of man to the Gods and to the celestial intelligence s of the universe of universes.


This revelation of man to God is seen in Jesus’ complete assurance of His Father’s love and over-care even while standing before Pilate and facing the horrific and torturous death on a Roman cross – the most terrifying way to die known to man on earth at this time in our history. He was unafraid. He was confident. He was loving even to those who were in the very midst of killing Him. He was forgiving. And He was showing us that we can be just like Him even when our lives may present to us unfathomable circumstances involving pain, suffering, sorrow and betrayal.


Everything loving and trusting that Jesus became in His human experience as He stood before Pilate and hung on that cross is possible for us as well!

196:2:2 [#4]

Jesus' life in the flesh portrays a transcendent religious growth from the early ideas of primitive awe and human reverence up through years of personal spiritual communion until he finally arrived at that advanced and exalted status of the consciousness of his oneness with the Father. And thus, IN ONE SHORT LIFE, did Jesus traverse that experience of religious spiritual progression which man begins on earth and ordinarily achieves only at the conclusion of his long sojourn in the spirit training schools of the successive levels of the pre-Paradise career. Jesus progressed from a purely human consciousness of the faith certainties of personal religious experience to the sublime spiritual heights of the positive realization of his divine nature and to the consciousness of his close association with the Universal Father in the management of a universe.

Religious spiritual progression which man begins on earth and ordinarily achieves only at the conclusion of his long sojourn in the spirit training schools is possible for us!

188:4:6 [#4] Jesus lived and died for a whole universe, not just for the races of this one world. While the mortals of the realms had salvation even before Jesus lived and died on Urantia, it is nevertheless a fact that his bestowal on this world greatly illuminated the way of salvation; his death did much to make forever plain the certainty of mortal survival after death in the flesh.


We have now and FINALLY been correctly taught what our true potentials are not only as human beings on our troubled world but as spiritual beings who are beloved children of an amazing, adorable and loving Paradise Father. Through Jesus we now know that we can make such spiritual connection and progress with our indwelling Thought Adjusters that we can find complete relief from fear, dread, loneliness and lowly animal origin emotions.

Some questions to discuss:

What fears do you face in your life?

How does knowing Jesus faced His fears with courage affect you in your heart?

How has these new meanings of Jesus as your Savior become more endearing for you?

Discuss why you might be surprised Jesus had to become all of His created beings of His universe.

How would this cause Him to rule more compassionately as our Universe Sovereign Master?

Now is a good time to say as a loving group The Lord’s Prayer all together. Please turn these sheets back in.

Write down any questions you may have and give them to your leader.

                                                 Next week we will discuss The Meaning of Life.



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