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The Jesus MeetUp

 "Am I a Son of God?"

Week #34

The Jesus MeetUp            Am I a Son of God?          Week #34

Take heart Girls, Ladies and Women – This is for you, too!

Here on Earth – Urantia, as it is known on celestial records – we are sex creatures, in other words, we are either born male or female with all the physical parts that make us so. While there are those who feel they have been born in the “wrong” body form and take action to seek a modicum of peace with that, they will always remain so, even on “the other side” and into eternity.

Consider: “Men and women need each other in their morontial [post earth] and spiritual as well as in their mortal careers. The differences in viewpoint between male and female persist even beyond the first life and throughout the local and superuniverse ascensions. And even in Havona, the pilgrims who were once men and women will still be aiding each other in the Paradise ascent. Never, even in the Corps of the Finality, will the creature metamorphose so far as to obliterate the personality trends that humans call male and female;... 84:6.6















This means that the sex we are born into and with will always be “us”, especially the unique mind qualities that make up each.


What does that mean, then, being a “son” of God?

While on the path of our universe career, we shall always carry with us our female-ness or our male-ness, we are technically all known as “sons” here on this world. See, universe daughters [angels] are the offspring of the Divine Minister/the Creative Daughter/our Holy Spirit, the equal partner of our universe Creator Michael [Jesus]. Since we are not born angels, as they are, nor shall we ever become angels, mind you, we shall traverse stages in our universe progression wherein we become more spirit-like, we never transform into those angelic daughters whose roles are different from that which we will be doing in the far distant future.

And so, “ dealing with sex creatures it is our custom to speak of those beings of more direct descent from the Father and the Son as the SONS OF GOD, while referring to the children of the Spirit [angels] as the daughters of God.” 38:2.2





















So, YES, you are a son of God!

Each of us, male and female alike. As are the rest of his freewill mortal creatures in his universe.

“In its true essence, religion is a faith-trust in the goodness of God...This goodness of God is a part of the personality of God, and its full revelation appears ONLY in the personal religious experience of the BELIEVING SONS OF GOD.” 2:6.1

Here is the thing: it is all about our relationships (which are an end in themselves), in how we exhibit in our daily lives the personal religious experience we have chosen to follow as we accept sonship.

“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.” 8:6.4

In fact, we are known as faithsons, as it is because of our faith in our Paradise Father that he IS our Father which makes us his sons. It then follows that as we behave, following his will to the best of our ability, that we become part of his family of striving faithsons here on this world = that human fraternity of his divine spirit = the brotherhood of man. By faith in the Fatherhood of God, you may enter the kingdom of heaven, thus becoming a son of God.

As ascending mortals of an evolutionary world, we are assisted and indwelt by the

Universal Father himself, our Thought Adjuster – the Father of our Soul.

Because of this amazing gift of the Father residing within our minds, we are mightily helped to be guided throughout our day to follow his leading towards his will. And forget not (it always gets better!):

“What a son desires, and the Father wills will certainly come to pass.” 118:6.5
















This is HUGELY powerful when you think about what this means to you personally as you grab hold of your faith in our Heavenly Father!  “And never forget: You who know God are the sons of God if you truly yearn to be like him.” said Jesus.

If you believe in Jesus, you are already a son of God. As sons of God, he taught this as a new and larger brotherhood of man; and while he never ceased to urge:

“Introduce men to God and as the sons of God before you discourse on the doctrines of the fatherhood of God and the sonship of men. 141:6.4

Jesus went on and said to simply go forth proclaiming:

"This is the kingdom of heaven—God is your Father and you are his sons, and this good news, if you wholeheartedly believe it, is your eternal salvation.” 141:6.4

“Our teaching provides a religion wherein the believer is a son of God.”  ~ Jesus 142:3:8


We ask ourselves:

Do I sincerely believe? Is this my personal religion?

How clear our Beloved Jesus makes this to us: “If you receive God as your Father, then indeed and in truth are you the sons of God. And if you are sons, then are you secure in the position and standing of all that concerns eternal and divine sonship.”  142:5.2
















Are you beginning to see what is required of you to be called his son?

It is as simple as accepting the gift of faith which is offered to you, and then to live with dynamic dedication to carry out the will of our Father, together with his Son, our elder brother, Jesus.

Pay attention to this paraphrasing of what Jesus said, this should help you in determining his will:

“The will of God is the way of God, partnership with the choice of God in the face of any potential alternative. ... The will of man is the way of man, the sum and substance of that which the mortal chooses to be and do.”  130:2.7

So, this means that when you are faced with a required action, or something to say, and in thinking carefully beforehand, and you see a couple of options, which do you truly think would be the one choice God would have you make? Like the often-repeated: What Would Jesus Do? Not always easy to do, but it is in taking the time to consider just before to give our indwelling Father Fragment the opportunity to

“adjust” =  give us our answer.


Let’s continue with his teaching at the Passover in Jerusalem, when Jesus said:

“And if you are the sons of God, then have you been born of the spirit of God; and whosoever has been born of the spirit has in himself the power to overcome all doubt, and this is the victory that overcomes all uncertainty, even your faith.”  142:5.3

We know that our battle is against doubt- unbelief.

And our prayer needs to be: Father, I pray you help my unbelief.



















As a child of saving and living faith, be assured that you are already a liberated son of God. And his assurance continues as Jesus explains to Thomas asking about how to know about the truth in the gospel:

“Having been endowed with the living spirit of the Father, you are therefore sons of God. You survive your life in the material world of the flesh because you are identified with the Father’s living spirit, the gift of eternal life.” 146:3.5

See this?! He is referring here to our indwelling Thought Adjuster = “the living spirit of the Father”! This was rare in those days, as not many had Adjusters, but you may be sure that those who came in contact with the majesty of Jesus and his teachings, received this Father-mind-presence.

To the acceptance of faith in the Father and in our assurance of the joys of sonship! 


1. Explain to someone now what it means to be a “son of God”.

2. What do you think are your responsibilities to the Father once you accept sonship and faith in Him?

Do you have a prayer need? Give it to your leader.

Next week we will study  Adam and Eve: The True Story  Week #35

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