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Daddy Dinner Dance

The Jesus MeetUp                                    Daddy Dinner Dance                            Week #2


If you have never experienced a Father/Daughter Dinner Dance as a

religious group you are in for a BIG TREAT!

Every younger girl wants to feel feminine, pretty, cherished and given special attention to by her Dad. This is the perfect way to create that life-long memory for your emerging little women in your group. To see the way their shining beautiful eyes light up as Dad brings her/them to this special occasion with just them in mind will bring tears to your eyes. And, the Dads appreciate this event because someone/s has taken the time to do all the preparations that they may not be able to produce on their own. This Daddy Dinner Dance is a

WIN WIN WIN all the way around. The daughters are thrilled. The Dads are appreciated and honored. Our heavenly Father and His Son smile because LOVE GROWS on this special night! 

Here are some suggestions on how to coordinate this event for your Jesus MeetUp group.

Secure a date for the Daddy Dinner Dance at a venue with adequate facilities and NOT on your Jesus MeetUp meeting time. Choose from common sites such as parks, churches, community centers, school auditoriums or even someone’s backyard (sometimes the homemade parties are the BEST). Keep your budget in mind along with the number of people you will invite. Pick a layout that best suits your needs in terms of dance floor space, chairs, buffet tables or picnic areas.

Decide on a guest list for the event.  

This is a great opportunity to invite new people to your group. Write down the names of all the people you want to invite that have dads and daughters. You might also want to include daughters of single mothers who have a male relative or friend who can act as "dad" for the dance party. Make it an inclusive event by inviting any and all who you think might enjoy it. For example, invite all the girls at an elementary school.

Prepare flyers in which you ask for an RSVP by a particular date.

Your invitations should include the date of the dance, the location, the time and suggestions for attire. Keep in mind that not everyone can afford to pay for a catered event. So, why not make it a potluck event and ask for all the mothers, aunts, grandmothers etc... to bring something to contribute? You will be astonished at all the supportive help you will receive from the women who want to be a part of something like this. Also, put information regarding the food theme or type so the guests will know if it is a full dinner or just light appetizers and drinks.

Add some special touches.

If the budget allows, consider having a flower provided for each father to give to each daughter before they find their seats. You could create a decorated area where someone takes a picture of the father and his daughter to take home as a keepsake.

Enhance your theme for this Daddy Dinner Dance.

If you have a themed event you can determine the foods that fits with the occasion. For instance, if you are hosting a Daddy Dinner Dance western style you might want to serve BBQ, beans, coleslaw and lemonade. You get the idea! You will choose what works best for your cultural area.

Consider creating a committee where you can develop more energy and excitement for this party.

The more wonderful people that you include to be a part of things, the more ideas and help you will attract. Be considerate for everyone’s ideas even if they do not fit in your mind. You are developing leadership and excitement for your ministry.

Schedule a disc jockey or band for the music.

Often you can find a hobbyist who will serve as DJ for the event or you can hire a professional band if your budget allows. Select the music with the ages of the daughters in mind and add some "older" stuff the fathers will enjoy as well. Also, vary the fast music with some slower tunes.

Decorate the site of the event.

The most common and festive decor includes flowers, balloons, streamers and lights. If your dance has a particular theme, you can decorate with that in mind as well. For example, a western styled event could include cowboy regalia displayed such as hats, boots, horseshoes, spurs and hay bales.

Enlarge your volunteer helpers.

Get volunteers for clean-up. Plan ahead by contacting specific persons to help you take down decorations, pick up trash, take down tables and chairs and restore the venue to the condition you found it.

God Discovered suggests having a speaker for the Daddy Dinner Dance as well.

(After the meal is concluded, and possibly before a dessert is offered)  Consider creating a “defining moment” wrapped inside of the Speakers short teaching from what Jesus said.



And then Jesus said to Jacob:

142:2.2 And now have I come in the flesh to reveal the Father in new glory and to show forth his love and mercy to [everyone, everywhere]. As the gospel of this kingdom shall spread over the world with its message of good cheer and good will to all, there will grow up improved and better relations among the families of all nations. As time passes, fathers and their [daughters] will love each other more, and thus will be brought about a better understanding of the love of the Father in heaven for his children on earth. Remember... that a good and true father not only loves his family as a whole — as a family — but he also truly loves and affectionately cares for each individual member. [And especially his daughter/s]" [paraphrased]


Fathers, now take the hand/s of your daughter/s and look into their beautiful eyes.

[Pause here and let the moment be highlighted and enhanced with a bit of poignant silence]


Now...fathers, repeat after me:

“My precious daughter/s, you are a blessing to my life.” [fathers repeat]

“You are my pride and joy.” [fathers repeat]

“My heart is yours and it is full of love for you” [fathers repeat]

“May my love for you bring you closer to God” [fathers repeat]


Speaker prays a pray of blessing upon each father and daughter present. Then, encourage all to continue the party with dessert and dancing.


We at God Discovered encourage you all to get creative and HAVE FUN with this event.

What we want to emphasize to you all is the tried and true FACT that what will happen in this event will bring forth more appreciation, enthusiasm and commitment to your Jesus MeetUp ministry and here is why:  When you provide opportunities for families to experience moments of deeper love and affection you contribute to not only your families personal growth but it spills out into deeper love and affection for God’s family at large. This can ONLY multiply love and gladness to your Jesus-ministry.


To the love of fathers and daughters ~ the group at God Discovered

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