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Am I Going To Hell?


“If I make a selfish mistake will God send me to hell? Which sins will put me over the line as a person now doomed to hell? I’m so scared to die and then meet this God who is mad at me!”

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The personalities who contrived the concept of hell have lied to all of us and have gravely misrepresented the loving nature and character of our Paradise Father! Our loving Father has NOT created any such place called hell for eternal fire, torture and damnation. Although one day we all will cease living this material life in this mortal body of flesh our REAL selves are 100% safe and secure in our Father’s loving care as we Journey To The Father on our way to be with Him in Paradise.




Here is what we said:

Am I Going To Hell? - Thoughts from 3 women
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Our mistakes (sins) are not held against us so that we have to ‘pay’ for them with pain and suffering. This is exactly like the erroneous theory that God’s Son (Jesus) had to shed blood and die on a cross. This is called the atonement doctrine. This is a concept originating from cosmic lunacy and insanity. Just as God’s Son Jesus is dearly loved by His Father as are YOU just as dearly loved. Your life and learning experiences are treasured as you continue after this life in the flesh has run it’s course and you continue on your Journey To The Father.






















Statements to consider from Journey To The Father/The Urantia Book:


"Let the childlike and darkened minds of my people serve their God as Moses directed; it is better that they do, but let us who have seen the light of life no longer approach our Father by the darkness of death. Let us be free in the knowledge of the truth of our Father's eternal love." ~ Jesus 127:6.6


And so, as the years pass, this young man of Nazareth continues to experience life as it is lived in mortal flesh on the worlds of time and space. He lives a full, representative, and replete life on Urantia. He left this world ripe in the experience which his creatures pass through during the short and strenuous years of their first life, the life in the flesh. And all this human experience is an eternal possession of the Universe Sovereign. He is our understanding brother, sympathetic friend, experienced sovereign, and merciful father. 127:6.13


The Jewish traditions of heaven and hell and the doctrine of devils as recorded in the Hebrew scriptures, while founded on the lingering traditions of Lucifer and Caligastia, were principally derived from the Zoroastrians during the times when the Jews were under the political and cultural dominance of the Persians. Zoroaster, like the Egyptians, taught the "day of judgment," but he connected this event with the end of the world. 95:6.6

What does love have to do with vengeance?  What does eternal damnation and torture have to do with our Paradise Father who loves us with an 'everlasting love'?  We are either forgiven and dearly cherished as we learn and grow to become more like Him ~ or not.  We all must choose what we will believe.  We in God Discovered say out to the world LOUD and CLEAR that your Father and His Son LOVE YOU!  There is NO hell.


Rest in His loving arms. 

Faith is all that is required!



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