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The Jesus MeetUp

 "Adam and Eve: True History"

Week #35

The Jesus MeetUp                   Adam and Eve: True History                   Week #35


Why has so much blame for the world’s strife been placed upon Adam and Eve?


Herein is the true history of the creation, arrival and story of this beloved Son and Daughter of our Creator. This is how it goes, see what you think:

From revelation (source from supernatural minds), we learn that our Creator Son (known to us as Jesus) had personalized himself in the creation of the beautiful and superb Sons and Daughters of the material order (meaning “physical”) of universe sonship. Hence, is this the origin of Adam and Eve (of which there are many) in Nebadon, the name of our universe – SOME of what you see in the night sky on a clear night! And they can reproduce, being created male and female.  They always come in pairs, are deeply in love and so connected that they cannot be separated physically without suffering a bit.


Let this sink in a bit.


If, by FAITH, you accept this concept, then do you realize that the Adam and Eve of the Bible were not made here on earth in the Garden of Eden, no extra ribs necessary, and are not the only ones of this type to be created.


So, WHY did Adam and Eve come to our planet?

Simply put: We Needed help!


“It should be apparent that, when an an Adam and Eve arrive on an evolutionary world (like ours), the task of achieving racial harmony and social co-operation among its diverse races is one of considerable proportions. ... And had your Adam adhered to the original plan for the advancement of Urantia, by this time these spirits of brotherhood would have worked unbelievable transformations in the human race. In view of the Adamic default, it is indeed remarkable that these seraphic orders have been able to foster and bring to realization even as much of brotherhood as you now have on Urantia.” (39:5.4)


See, the original plan of Adam and Eve was to uplift (make better, improve) our biological and spiritual welfare. However, because of their lack of success, even though some good had come from their time here, their unfinished business meant the continuation of the acts of evil, sin and iniquity on this world, which people cannot seem to harmonize with a loving Father God, who gave each of us FREE WILL. You KNOW what that means, right? We each decide to make the choice several times daily to go along (or NOT!) with the way of the Father, his will for each of us as it relates to the “big scheme”.
















Now, HOW did they arrive here on our world?

Believing that Adam and Eve were Material beings who lived and worked on another world in our creation, far, far away, you know that they would need to be transported (brought to) here, to a ready-made garden which was patterned off the beautifully, exquisite gardens on a world called Edentia, hence, the name Garden of Eden. This garden was built to accommodate a million inhabitants, if all had gone to plan, and was designed so superbly for vegetation and animal husbandry, devoted to practical arts, fundamental intellectual training, social culture, economic development, trade relations, physical efficiency, and civil government, complete with a temple to the Father in the center, which housed “the tree of life”. And that tree was to be their sustenance while they lived here in the flesh, in order to sustain them for...well, ever!...had they succeeded.


After being dematerialized on Jerusem, their departure world, fully rehearsed in their instructions and having sworn allegiance to our Creator Michael (Jesus), they said good-bye to their children there and departed for our world in a vehicle designed to bring them here.


“At high noon and unannounced, the two seraphic transports, accompanied by the Jerusem personnel intrusted with the transportation of the biologic uplifters to Urantia, settled slowly to the surface of the revolving planet in the vicinity of the temple of the Universal Father.”(74:0:1)


















SO cool!

Does this sound like science-fiction?! Well, maybe our science-fiction got its ideas from the Revelation! And this is how our Adam and Eve arrived to earth from their home planet.


Thus began their mission to familiarize themselves with our sin-torn world, and to modify.


They were a seriously and disillusioned Adam and Eve, who walked that first night through the Garden under the shining of the full moon, discussing plans for the next day. The results of the rebellious acts of the now-deposed Lucifer and Satan had left this beautiful creation of Michael so ravaged that it was overwhelming to these two who, now, separated from all contact from on high, had to figure out the best way forward.


















They had much to contend with as they bore many children (but not the required amount needed to fulfill their mission), and had to face the challenge of dealing with aggressive tribes, influenced by rebels, outside of the Garden.

And, so it was, that the enemy of good, that power-stripped former Planetary Prince, Caligastia, sought to tear apart the plans of Adam and Eve and even to lure them to side with him in rebellion against our Beloved Universe Father, as his human affiliates assist him even still today. Though he failed in that, he certainly succeeded in bringing the rest of their newly-begun plan to a halt of sorts as this Beloved Son and Daughter were now cut off from the tree of life, their eternal sustenance.
























How did their failure, known as the Default, happen?


The Bible would have us believe that Eve, apparently, not a very intelligent woman, ate an “evil” apple. Does this really make sense to you? This is not the stuff of fairy tales! It was more devious than eating an apple. However, the so-called devil-snake, which did not exist in this form, cunningly devised a plan in the minds of Eve and a male friend in the Garden, (unbeknownst to them) who thought he, too, was working for God’s plan, to help the number of children grow faster. Thus was born the idea for Eve to mate with a man from a tribe outside the Garden, whose name was Cano...thereby not keeping her vow to only mate with her husband, Adam. When the “deed” was done, all spirit forces were astir with the news of what had happened.

                                              We CANNOT hide from Spirit, no matter who or where we are!

























The angel of the Garden, Solonia informed both Adam (unaware of what happened, but knew it was “something big”) and Eve of the consequences of her action. Adam was given the choice to continue on as he was (immortal), destined to see his SO beloved wife die, that he could not bear to live without her. Therefore, did he mate with another female, thereby cinching his fate as well with default and becoming human.


Surely, here is a story of a true, romantic love with extremely serious

consequences for himself as well as for the rest of the world.


The tree of life was removed and they became mortals of the realm = humans. The child Eve bore from this mating was named Cain. And you know most of his story. Do you also remember in the Bible, where Cain is cast out because of what he did to his half-brother Abel?
























It says he went off to the “land of Nod” where he took himself a wife. Did you ask yourself when you first read that, “Who is Nod?” especially if Adam and Eve were the first ever people here on earth? And “Where did this wife come from”? Well, Nod WAS a person, who was a member of the first group of one hundred who came to improve living conditions here, too, and with the Rebellion, was chosen to be the leader of the sixty rebellious of that staff, and subsequently had taken off to another part of the world after that turbulent time to set up his own group. Hence, in “the land of Nod”.















If Adam and Eve had not failed, they would be with us today as King and Queen of the earth!

“While downcast by the sense of guilt, Adam and Eve, were greatly cheered by the announcement that their judges on Salvington had absolved them from all charges of standing in “contempt of the universe government.”(75:7:2)


























After all, Eve only wished to hasten Michael’s plan for us, not turn against his plan altogether. It seemed like a good plan at the time to her! Did you ever feel this way? That you made a choice you felt was the best of all possible alternatives only to find out that the results later proved very different? You are not alone!!


“Their transgression had been an error of judgment and not the sin of conscious and deliberate rebellion.”(76:5.1)


























Like you and me!


Worse yet, all their minor children, under the age of twenty, were removed and a large portion who were given the choice to leave left. How sad for the parents, and for us, not staying to participate in our uplift. Adam died at 530 years of age, Eve, dying nineteen years before her husband.


Two positive results from all this:

1.Adam and Eve now sit on what is known as the Council of 24, mostly people from Urantia (earth) who earned a place there to govern over us as well as 37 other worlds. And they look forward to their ascension career to Paradise, like us!


2. “The public announcement that Michael had selected Urantia [earth] as the theater for his final bestowal was made shortly after we learned about the default of Adam and Eve.”(119:7:2) And THIS is the good news for us!

















Jesus was coming! Yay!!


May we learn to have OBEDIENCE FIRST to our Father's will and Jesus' instructions with

Patience in all that we do! 


Questions to discuss:

1. How does this story of Adam and Eve affect you?

2. Do you see how their default adds no more to the horrors of how individuals choose today? Explain.


Now is a good time to say the Lord’s Prayer together. Feel free to write a prayer request and give it to your leader.  Please return your sheet to the leader.


Next week’s lesson, #36 Where do I fit in?

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