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The Jesus MeetUp

 "Honor Woman"

Mother's Day

Week #19

Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son

      Event Ideas for Celebration

The Jesus MeetUp                             Celebrate Woman!                             Week #19

Woman is to be celebrated!

Let us take a deep look into why this is so.

84:6.6a Men and women need each other in their...spiritual as well as in their mortal careers.













Woman is different from man, OBVIOUSLY!

However, beyond the clear differences in form we recognize that woman aids her fellows in unique and treasured ways.

84:6.6b The differences in viewpoint between male and female persist even beyond the first life [this life] and throughout the local and superuniverse ascensions [careers]. And even in Havona [ultimate Heaven], the pilgrims who were once men and women will still be aiding each other in the Paradise ascent. Never, even in the Corps of the Finality [our spiritual goal as sons of God], will the creature metamorphose so far as to obliterate the personality trends that humans call male and female; always will these two basic variations of humankind continue to intrigue, stimulate, encourage, and assist each other; always will they be mutually dependent on co-operation in the solution of perplexing universe problems and in the overcoming of manifold cosmic difficulties.
















Women need to feel loved, and an even better description is that she needs to feel cherished.


Even when her relationship/s are good, she is likely to have a deep and fundamental insecurity about whether she is loved, or not. Her responses sometimes confuse or dismay you or others when that insecurity is triggered somehow. Woman is created to feel with depth on multiple levels. Once she is reassured of love for her as a person she oftentimes will relationally blossom just as a lovely flower. Thoughtful, frequent actions to show her she is cared for by you may be the key to her full expressions of love in return, no matter how small the display.


















Woman is emotional.

99:4.6 During the psychologically unsettled times of the twentieth century, amid the economic upheavals, the moral crosscurrents, and the sociologic rip tides of the cyclonic transitions of a scientific era, thousands upon thousands of...women have become humanly dislocated; they are anxious, restless, fearful, uncertain, and unsettled; as never before in the world's history they need the consolation and stabilization of sound religion. In the face of unprecedented scientific achievement and mechanical development there is spiritual stagnation and philosophic chaos.

Women are emotional and when they experience single or multiple times of upset they process this with many thoughts and emotions from their past and present all at the same time. For her, this cannot be dismissed easily. You, and those around her, can help with empathy and listening to her even if it is a “never-to-be-understood” and “non-logical” thing.

The pursuit of understanding woman brings tremendous advantages to the life of a man.

84:4.4 The sexes have had great difficulty in understanding each other. Man found it hard to understand woman, regarding her with a strange mixture of ignorant mistrust and fearful fascination, if not with suspicion and contempt.

When man employs educating himself with humility and loving courage

he discovers his own blessing.

Jesus’ kind instruction to a man in need of education:

133:2.2 And then, in bidding him farewell, Jesus said: “My brother, always remember that man has no rightful authority over woman unless the woman has willingly and voluntarily given him such authority. Your wife has engaged to go through life with you, to help you fight its battles, and to assume the far greater share of the burden of bearing and rearing your children; and in return for this special service it is only fair that she receive from you that special protection which man can give to woman as the partner who must carry, bear, and nurture the children. The loving care and consideration which a man is willing to bestow upon his wife and their children are the measure of that man’s attainment of the higher levels of creative and spiritual self-consciousness. Do you not know that men and women are partners with God in that they co-operate to create beings who grow up to possess themselves of the potential of immortal souls? The Father in heaven treats the Spirit Mother of the children of the universe as one equal to himself. It is Godlike to share your life and all that relates thereto on equal terms with the mother partner who so fully shares with you that divine experience of reproducing yourselves in the lives of your children. If you can only love your children as God loves you, you will love and cherish your wife as the Father in heaven honors and exalts the Infinite Spirit, the mother of all the spirit children of a vast universe.”

Women tend to think simultaneously about the “past/present/future”,

and their “feelings” about each.




















As stated previously, a woman may be mysterious and “unknowable” to a man. However, once a man emotionally grows to appreciate the unique and valuable qualities of a woman in this way, he recognizes of what she is capable and how she can benefit him juxtaposed to what his capabilities are for her life. Woman can and do process life events all at once. This is why she may bring up things from the past when something in the present occurs. Man is much more logical and compartmentalizes as he lives his life. Men tend to think “in the moment”, concentrating on “arranging the facts” for categorization.


As men perceive, they give weight to the logic and increment accordingly.

As women perceive, they actively cognate about the implied and unsaid.

Both are valuable and necessary for helping each other grow and become successful in life.


But let us look closely at woman one more time:

84:6.4 Women seem to have more intuition than men, but they also appear to be somewhat less logical. Woman, however, has always been the moral standard-bearer and the spiritual leader of mankind. The hand that rocks the cradle still fraternizes with destiny.

The mother-child relationship can be seen all throughout nature, and in fact the entire universe.

84:1.6 A family of some simple sort was insured by the fact that the reproductive function entails the mother-child relationship. Mother love is instinctive; it did not originate in the mores as did marriage. All mammalian mother love is the inherent endowment of the adjutant mind-spirits of the local universe and is in strength and devotion always directly proportional to the length of the helpless infancy of the species.

84:1.7 The mother and child relation is natural, strong, and instinctive, and one which, therefore, constrained primitive women to submit to many strange conditions and to endure untold hardships. This compelling mother love is the handicapping emotion which has always placed woman at such a tremendous disadvantage in all her struggles with man.

And in this unique position with man, women want security in many forms.

The woman in your life needs financial and emotional security as well as feeling a closeness with you. Woman SO values this prize in her life that she might endure financial insecurity to attain this. As relating to her mothering instinct...

84:1.2 Woman, because of physical and emotional attachment to her offspring, is dependent on co-operation with the male, and this urges her into the sheltering protection of marriage.


















A part of lovingly providing a sense of security for the woman in your life is that of listening to her. She does not expect, or even want you to “fix it” for her. She wants you to listen and care about what she is telling you. It is an honor that she respects you enough to desire sharing her heart, thoughts and feelings with you. This means that she trusts you as the man in her life. When she is sharing an emotional problem, her feelings and her desire to be heard are MUCH more important than the actual problem itself!!! If this is remembered by men then a woman becomes less mysterious and more precious to him.






















Inside your intelligent and now secured woman lives a little girl…

who deeply needs to know that you find her beautiful. She intensely longs to know that you only have eyes for her! Once this is assured for her by you her reactions may change even more and for the joyous better in your life. If thru your actions and words you show you really “see” the beauty of her your relationship may take on a new depth of love.




















For many women, Mother’s Day is a celebration of a huge blessing: their role as mom.

To show our love and appreciation we celebrate them each year on Mother’s Day. However, let us remember for others, it’s a painful reminder of past trauma like abuse, miscarriage, loss of a child, or infertility. There’s nothing wrong with honoring motherhood in our Jesus MeetUp, and we absolutely should. But may we keep in mind the importance of thoughtfully approaching this holiday, so that mothers feel uplifted while also not causing people additional pain. To ensure our Jesus MeetUp continues to be a sanctuary for the broken and the hurting we will also provide our “Healing For The Wounded” series specifically designed for these personal issues in our member’s lives. Ask your leader when this Jesus MeetUp: Healing For The Wounded is scheduled.

Leader: “Please bow your heads. Our glorious Father in Paradise who also lives in our hearts and minds, we thank you for the amazing gift of Mothers. She brings to our lives such a display of love and care that we are hard-pressed to think how life would be without her. With her constant attention to the service of her family she shows us all how to care about others. Not only do we thank you for her, but we also thank you for our Infinite Spirit of the Trinity, our own universe Mother Spirit who has children of her own and we know them as angels. However, for us, we sometimes almost see our Mothers as angels as well. Again, we say thank you, Father, for our Mothers."

To honoring the glorious gift of a woman ~ David Norwood/Marin DeJohn

Some questions to discuss:

What is your understanding of woman?

What benefits do you see to women in your life?

Why will the gender personality of women be important as we journey on to Paradise/Havona?

Now is a good time to say as a loving group The Lord’s Prayer all together. Please turn these sheets back in.  Write down any questions you may have and give them to your leader. Feel free to write down a prayer request and give it to your leader.

Next week we will discuss   Life After Death: We Live On   Week #20

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