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The Jesus MeetUp

 "Angels and US"

Week #47

The Jesus MeetUp                                        Angels and Us                                 Week  #47


Have you ever wondered why there are angels?


These beings are the lowest down-reach of the children of the Universe Mother Spirit and are known as the ministering spirits of the local universe, meaning they help US, the lowest of the creatures of time and space. With the assistance of the cherubim, these angels have initial contact with us ascending mortals as we live out our life here in the flesh and beyond. We truly need to appreciate that all orders of the angelic hosts are working “in the furtherance of the ascending scheme of progressive perfection for the children of time...they form that unbroken chain of spirit ministers which has been provided by the Infinite Spirit for the help and guidance of all who seek to attain the Universal Father through the Eternal Son.” (26:1.15) Therefore, in furthering our progress this means they are assisting us to advance in our ascension, moving upwards towards perfection and our Father.

















THIS is why there are angels!


Because they are so much older than we are, millions of years older, does it not seem intelligent to heed any leading, urging, nudging as best we can in order to act in accordance with divine will? Just as we have been taught to honor our elders and then to turn around and teach our juniors once we have become possessed of knowledge, beginning early in our life these are our first spiritual teachers. We will one day serve in a ministry very much like the ministry the angels have provided for us, even though we never become angels.


Therefore in our day to day living, we “work out the details of our earthly sojourn in connection with the intelligences of the Infinite Spirit operating on your world and throughout our universe.” (5:3.5) This means that you can feel free to communicate with your tireless seraphim each morning in seeking help for the outworking of your daily activities as it is their domain of service.


“Seraphim are the traditional angels of heaven; they are the ministering spirits who live so near you and do so much for you. They have ministered on Urantia since the earliest times of human intelligence.” (113:0.2)
































Seraphim is just another term for angels.


And our seraphim sincerely want us to succeed in surviving and to pass all of our increasing ascending levels because they will be journeying with us all the way to the personal presence of the Father!


Jesus taught: “As man progresses in the journey to the Father in Paradise, he does traverse a state of being at one time analogous to the state of the angels, but mortal man never becomes an angel.” (167:7.2) Have you ever heard a parent say to their child after the passing of a grandparent, that they’ve gone to heaven to become an angel? Because we do in reality pass through that stage where we seem to be similar to angels, we progress beyond that phase.


How seraphim are assigned to us?


Since the time of the bestowal of Michael, “in the ministry to so-called normal beings, seraphic assignments are made in accordance with the human attainment of the circles of intellectuality and spirituality.” (113:1.6)


The attainment of these “circles” are all dependent on our combined spiritual and intellectual inheritance as well as our free will to give our sincere co-operation to our spirit helpers throughout our life. These are achieved differently and uniquely so as each individual progresses at her/his own rate. And although we have eternity to develop these, it is to the advantage of our personality to acquire as many as we can before leaving this fleshy experience here.


These circles, known equally as psychic and cosmic circles are, from the seventh

which is our first encounter with them:

intuition, understanding, courage, knowledge, counsel, worship, and wisdom. (first)


So, here is how it looks in our circle development:


- seventh circle – 1 pair of seraphic guardians plus one company of cherubim for 1000 mortals

- sixth circle, - 1 pair of seraphic guardians one company of cherubim for 500 mortals

-fifth circle – 1 pair of seraphic guardians with one company of cherubim for 100 mortals

-fourth circle – 1 pair of seraphic guardians with one company of cherubim for 10 mortals

When we break through and attain the third circle – we acquire a personal angel = a seraphic pair to be wholly and exclusively devoted to us.

“..These human souls, in addition to the ever-present and increasingly efficient indwelling Thought Adjusters, receive the undivided assistance of these personal guardians of destiny in all their efforts to finish the third circle, traverse the second, and attain the first.”(113.1.8)
















THIS is where we want to be as soon as humanly possible!

“Seraphim are not known as guardians of destiny until such time as they are assigned to the association of a human soul who has realized one or more of three achievements: 1. has made a supreme decision to become Godlike, 2. has entered the third circle, or 3. has been mustered into one of the reserve corps of destiny.” (113:2.1)

Do you see how we can willfully work to earn the assignment of our own seraphic pair?

Our angels develop a deep affection for us and share most of our emotions, experiencing some additional ones but cannot understand our fear which is so common in the average human on Urantia.


“In the ministry of personal guardianship, the assignment of angels as destiny guardians, seraphim always volunteer their services.” (113:2.7) This is important to consider and see the richness of this relationship when we know we have been specifically chosen for our intellectual and spiritual capacity, accompanied by their exclusive and tireless devotion to us.


And, again, look at what Jesus wants us to know about angels:


“Many of these angels are engaged in the work of saving men, for have I not told you of the seraphic joy when one soul elects to forsake sin and begin the search for God? I did even tell you of the joy in the presence of the angels of heaven over one sinner who repents, thereby indicating the existence of other and higher orders of celestial beings who are likewise concerned in the spiritual welfare and with the divine progress of mortal man.” (167:7.5)















Look at this to see the division of labor that these two angels share in their ministry to us:


“When a seraphic pair accept guardian assignment, they serve for the remainder of the life of that human being. The complement of being (one of the two angels) becomes the recorder of the undertaking. These complemental seraphim are the recording angels of the mortals of the evolutionary worlds. The records are kept by the pair of cherubim (a cherubim and a sanobim) who are always associated with the seraphic guardians, but these records are always sponsored by one of the seraphim.”(113:2.9)


These will be the records that our seraphim will take with them upon our mortal death to present for judgment on the other side. They are a perfect reflection of all that we held as true, beautiful and good in our life.


“Angels are the sure and heavenly guides of the soul of man during that uncharted and indefinite period of time which intervenes between the death of the flesh and the new life in the spirit abodes.”

                                                                     - Jesus (167:7.6)
















And they need their rest as we do!


“For purposes of rest and recharging with the life energy of the universe circuits, the guardian is periodically relieved by her complement, and during her absence the associated cherubim functions as the recorder, as is also the case when the complemental seraphim is similarly absent.” (113:2.10)


When you ask the seraphim for help each day, don’t forget to tell them how much you love them!




















Let’s talk about midwayers!


These beings are half-way between us mortals and the angelic realm, thus the name midwayers. There are two types resident on the planet, primary – originating from the days of the Planetary Prince about 500 000 years ago, and the secondary midwayers dating from the time of Adam and Eve, 37 000 years ago. Unfortunately, a huge number of these beings were lost in rebellion and disloyal to planetary administration, and are now interned on the universe prison worlds awaiting adjudication. The remaining loyal midwayers have voluntarily united and have functioned as one unit in world affairs ever since. [We will devote more time to learning about our midwayers in year 2]


“Their determination is suggested by the motto of their order:

“What the United Midwayers undertake, the United Midwayers do.” (77:9.3)


Midwayers vary greatly in their abilities to make contact with the seraphim above and with their human cousins below. They are considerably nearer the angelic type of being and are therefore usually assigned to working with, and ministering to, the spiritual forces resident on the planet. The secondary creatures are almost exclusively attached to the ministry of the material beings of the realm (us and animals!). The 1,111 loyal secondary midwayers are engaged in important missions on earth. Now pay attention to the time of 11:11 on your clock/watch and think of these beings!


Many of the more literal phenomena ascribed to angels have been performed by the secondary midway creatures. For example, “in the case of Peter’s deliverance after the killing of James by Herod’s order, it was a secondary midwayer who performed the work ascribed to an angel.” (77:8.12)


A final comfort, with “the pouring out of the Spirit of Truth!


...upon all flesh, forever made it impossible for disloyal spirits of any sort or description ever again to invade even the most feeble of human minds. Since the day of Pentecost there never again can be such a thing as demoniacal possession.” (77:7.8)


Rest assured that the evil spirits have been removed from the earth once and for all!


From our secondary midwayer, to primary midwayer, to morontia cherubim, to mid-phase cherubim to our seraphim, we are perfectly bridged between the material world and the spiritual worlds!




1. What is the most important concept you have learned in this lesson?


Now is a good time to say the Lord’s Prayer together. Feel free to write a prayer request and give it to your leader. Please return your sheet to the leader.


Next week’s lesson, # 48: Is God a Person?

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