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Am I Forgiven Or Not?


“I am so bad. I have done terrible things. Can and will God forgive me for these things? I am so afraid of this God that I have been told will punish me. I feel more fear than love about Him.”

Am I Forgiven Or Not Talk God Discovered

Yes! You are forgiven! God is love and He loves YOU. If our Paradise Father loves and forgives us then He will do the very same for all of His children. And if He has forgiven them then we can find this love from Him to forgive them as well. He is their parent ~ we are not!

They are His children ~ not ours!

Here is what we said:

Am I Forgiven Or Not? - Yes ~ We Are!
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Our poor decisions and choices are inevitable in this first life in the flesh. Just as we forgive our own children from their mistakes as good parents this is a reflection of our Father’s good love for us. We have a sympathetic and caring sovereign Master. We can see how He viewed and responded to these two women caught in the trap of prostitution to make a living. There is nothing but love, understanding and forgiveness in Jesus’ words. He thinks and feels the very same for us.


Statements to consider from Journey To The Father/The Urantia Book:


As they stood there in the moonlight, Jesus went on to say: “There lives within every human mind a divine spirit, the gift of the Father in heaven. This good spirit ever strives to lead us to God, to help us to find God and to know God; but also within mortals there are many natural physical tendencies which the Creator put there to serve the well-being of the individual and the race. Now, oftentimes, men and women become confused in their efforts to understand themselves and to grapple with the manifold difficulties of making a living in a world so largely dominated by selfishness and sin. I perceive, Ganid, that neither of these women is willfully wicked. I can tell by their faces that they have experienced much sorrow; they have suffered much at the hands of an apparently cruel fate; they have not intentionally chosen this sort of life; they have, in discouragement bordering on despair, surrendered to the pressure of the hour and accepted this distasteful means of obtaining a livelihood as the best way out of a situation that to them appeared hopeless. Ganid, some people are really wicked at heart; they deliberately choose to do mean things, but, tell me, as you look into these now tear-stained faces, do you see anything bad or wicked?” And as Jesus paused for his reply, Ganid’s voice choked up as he stammered out his answer: “No, Teacher, I do not. And I apologize for my rudeness to them — I crave their forgiveness.” Then said Jesus: “And I bespeak for them that they have forgiven you as I speak for my Father in heaven that he has forgiven them. Now all of you come with me to a friend’s house where we will seek refreshment and plan for the new and better life ahead.” Up to this time the amazed women had not uttered a word; they looked at each other and silently followed as the men led the way. ~ Jesus 133:3.7


3. By opening the human end of the channel of the God-man communication, mortals make immediately available the ever-flowing stream of divine ministry to the creatures of the worlds. When man hears God's spirit speak within the human heart, inherent in such an experience is the fact that God simultaneously hears that man's prayer. Even the forgiveness of sin operates in this same unerring fashion. The Father in heaven has forgiven you even before you have thought to ask him, but such forgiveness is not available in your personal religious experience until such a time as you forgive your fellow men. God's forgiveness in fact is not conditioned upon your forgiving your fellows, but in experience it is exactly so conditioned. And this fact of the synchrony of divine and human forgiveness was thus recognized and linked together in the prayer which Jesus taught the apostles. 146:2.4


As we also have forgiven our debtors. ~ Jesus 144:3.10


"My disciples must not only cease to do evil but learn to do well; you must not only be cleansed from all conscious sin, but you must refuse to harbor even the feelings of guilt. If you confess your sins, they are forgiven; therefore must you maintain a conscience void of offense." ~ Jesus 156:2.7

Just as we are God's children and He forgives us ~ those who have harmed us are also His children.  His forgiveness for them is assured as well.  It helps to remember that those who have harmed us are not our children.  They are His children.  So, forgiveness becomes the more easy.

This is our path to emotional FREEDOM!

Faith is all that is required.



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