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The Jesus MeetUp 

"Easter Resurrection"

Week #13

Baptism Instructions



Remembrance Supper



Breakout Session "I AM"

The Jesus MeetUp                            Easter Resurrection!               Week #13


As the group arrives be sure that all lights are on, FUN music is playing, snacks are ready, host/hostesses are greeting everyone, making conversation and introducing guests to each other.

BE other’s oriented – like Jesus.


He Is Risen! banner is central focus! [consider letting the JMU Kids create this banner]


After about 15 minutes of visiting draw everyone together for a teaching. Consider someone other than the leader to read.















Now to the fascinating description of the actual resurrection.


189:1.1 At two forty-five Sunday morning, the Paradise incarnation commission, consisting of seven unidentified Paradise personalities, arrived on the scene and immediately deployed themselves about the tomb. At ten minutes before three, intense vibrations of commingled material and morontia activities began to issue from Joseph’s new tomb, and at two minutes past three o’clock, this Sunday morning, April 9, A.D. 30, the resurrected morontia form and personality of Jesus of Nazareth came forth from the tomb.


189:1.2 After the resurrected Jesus emerged from his burial tomb, the body of flesh in which he had lived and wrought on earth for almost thirty-six years was still lying there in the sepulcher niche, undisturbed and wrapped in the linen sheet, just as it had been laid to rest by Joseph and his associates on Friday afternoon. Neither was the stone before the entrance of the tomb in any way disturbed; the seal of Pilate was still unbroken; the soldiers were still on guard. The temple guards had been on continuous duty; the Roman guard had been changed at midnight. None of these watchers suspected that the object of their vigil had risen to a new and higher form of existence, and that the body which they were guarding was now a discarded outer covering which had no further connection with the delivered and resurrected morontia personality of Jesus.

189:1.3 Mankind is slow to perceive that, in all that is personal, matter is the skeleton of morontia, and that both are the reflected shadow of enduring spirit reality. How long before you will regard time as the moving image of eternity and space as the fleeting shadow of Paradise realities?




















                   [Consider someone other than the Leader to read this excellent teaching]


                 The Power for us spiritually does not lie in the capabilities of resurrection...

that only Jesus has as OUR Master/Creator Son, for these are His powers. Our spiritual Powers lay in those loving moral and ethical choices that grow our souls that endure after this mortal life in the flesh has run its course. Our spiritual Powers emerge and burst forth in our lives as rivers of Living Waters that flows from His indwelling spirit – the Vine of Life and our Father’s personality circuit – having as its origin in Paradise and making its chosen destination inside our very minds and hearts as we then “bear much fruit”. Our spiritual Powers are those exact same human Powers that Jesus showed to us as He stood before Pilate unafraid and completely confident in His Father’s loving watch-care. Yes, Jesus died in the flesh but He showed us how to LIVE without doubt or fear and not just in concept or theory but in REALITY!

[Consider a new reader here as well]

Jesus opened the door to our understanding of our reality and eternal life.

Our Father in heaven is near to all believing persons. His nearness increases with faith in Him. When first we decide to believe in God––and this is always a conscious decision, whether early or later in life––then God-consciousness seems a far-off thing, a nebulous concept at best. He, or rather your awareness of Him, is colored by the input of others so that, as children, your belief in God is as your parents described Him to you.


It is an early concept of 'good and bad,' 'right or wrong,' 'justice and injustice,' that becomes pattern and grows to intermediate levels over time – which has produced some personal experience in life that says ‘right living’ gives you the least amount of problems and makes it easier to live. That thinking, that pattern, is distressing! The conscience is allayed, and fears are helped to subside through the belief that ‘everything is for the best,’ or, ‘everything will turn out alright because it’s God's will; my life is fairly stable at this point and there is not need for change, for growth.’


Do you see, this level of understanding (that all will be well) is the majority. The majority will fudge it a bit on the edges; they will be slightly immoral when it suits them and think that they can make it up later; or ask forgiveness over and over; or go to confession. Yet, this level of belief entails much confusion because of the imperfect vision of the real nature of God, the real nature of reality. 


And so, the vast majority stumble through life with their eyes almost closed. The few who go past this level do so by receiving personal spiritual guidance on a continual basis. Once this concept is grasped (of personal spiritual guidance in all of daily living) then each person may progress very rapidly – if they follow it.


Now here, many come against problems with family, friends, and church, etc.; and many will not follow guidance – not completely or wholeheartedly. Then comes much justification. This justification may be unconscious, or become unconscious after a while. As was with Abraham – he continued to sacrifice long after his instruction directly from Melchizedek that this (sacrificing) is a wasteful practice and entirely unnecessary.


Abraham did not feel secure in his new-found liberty Machiventa had taught him; he was still quite bound by tradition – his peers looked up to him; they expected this action – to sacrifice. In this day, we see the absurdity of 'having to sacrifice' with a more-clear light. In Abraham’s day, however, you must sympathize with his plight.




















There are many similar instances in modern religious life. The truth will always progress down through the ages, even unconsciously, through generations. Then there are times of great spiritual enlightenment when the unconscious becomes conscious. When the truth is told and the way opens up, the response will be forthcoming.


This unconscious well of spirituality on Earth at this time is, or will be, ready to burst forth with many many people. Advance yourselves and prepare! Be in top spiritual condition!




Leader: In light of this teaching let us have a time of personal commitment. 


Best Gift to Jesus [soft music plays in the background]

Leader: You see the basket? [Or whatever receptacle you have placed somewhere in the center of the room or table. Have some soft instrumental music playing for this time of personal reflection.] While the music plays let each of us take a moment to pray and thank Jesus for His great work in our lives. When you are ready, write down a gift you want to give to our Master today as we celebrate His resurrection and place it in the basket/box. [End this time with someone who prays out loud]


Testimony Time

Leader: Is there anyone here today that would like to share a personal testimony about their spiritual growth in terms of Jesus’ spiritual power in their lives raising you from darkness into His light? [If there are many, encourage all to keep their story shorter in that there is more to do for Jesus’ Birthday celebration. During this testimony time the children are readied to do their presentation.]


JMU Kids presentation

The children perform a pre-rehearsed skit reenacting this parable of Jesus:

169:1.4 “And you should also remember the story of the woman who, having had ten pieces of silver made into a necklace of adornment, lost one piece, and how she lit the lamp and diligently swept the house and kept up the search until she found the lost piece of silver. And as soon as she found the coin that was lost, she called together her friends and neighbors, saying, ‘Rejoice with me, for I have found the piece that was lost.’ So again I say, there is always joy in the presence of the angels of heaven over one sinner who repents and returns to the Father’s fold. And I tell you this story to impress upon you that the Father and his Son go forth to search for those who are lost, and in this search we employ all influences capable of rendering assistance in our diligent efforts to find those who are lost, those who stand in need of salvation. And so, while the Son of Man goes out in the wilderness to seek for the sheep gone astray, he also searches for the coin which is lost in the house. The sheep wanders away, unintentionally; the coin is covered by the dust of time and obscured by the accumulation of the things of men.

Allowing the children a time to perform in front of the group develops within them the beginnings of the leadership experience. Resist minimizing this in terms of ‘they are just kids’. No! You are beginning their training for leadership. These are HUGE events in a child’s life. Don’t stifle them.

















  Breakout Session “I AM”

In this Breakout Session we are creating our own testimonies singularly AND as a group. On note-cards each person chooses to write out one “I AM” that Jesus taught us He is. Each group will take any of Jesus’ I AM listings and create a presentation for the group. Our goal is to discover deeper and deeper meanings and ways that we can comprehend the majesty and love of our Master. Work together so that all are engaged and all feel that good sense of sharing. The best question for each one is HOW(?) is He that specific I AM to you personally?!


182:1.9 The Master, during the course of this final prayer with his apostles, alluded to the fact that he had manifested the Father’s name to the world. And that is truly what he did by the revelation of God through his perfected life in the flesh. The Father in heaven had sought to reveal himself to Moses, but he could proceed no further than to cause it to be said, “I AM.” And when pressed for further revelation of himself, it was only disclosed, “I AM that I AM.” But when Jesus had finished his earth life, this name of the Father had been so revealed that the Master, who was the Father incarnate, could truly say:

I am the bread of life.
I am the living water.
I am the light of the world.
I am the desire of all ages.
I am the open door to eternal salvation.
I am the reality of endless life.
I am the good shepherd.
I am the pathway of infinite perfection.
I am the resurrection and the life.
I am the secret of eternal survival.
I am the way, the truth, and the life.
I am the infinite Father of my finite children.
I am the true vine; you are the branches.
I am the hope of all who know the living truth.
I am the living bridge from one world to another.
I am the living link between time and eternity.

Thus did Jesus enlarge the living revelation of the name of God to all generations. As divine love reveals the nature of God, eternal truth discloses his name in ever-enlarging proportions.

























[Allow 10 minutes for this. Ask someone from each group to read their testimonies. ]



Leader: [If you have some baptisms this is the time to make your way there.] Let us now go to the baptism area. As the baptism/s have concluded someone begins a Lovesong. [pass out the Remembrance Supper elements during this singing time]























 Remembrance Supper

Conclude the Remembrance Supper time with a last song of CELEBRATION to prepare for Jesus’ Birthday Cake, if you have one. [have a trash can/bag nearby for disposal of Remembrance Supper cups etc...]


Resurrection Cake

If you have chosen to have a Jesus Resurrection  cake now is a great time to sing a Lovesong to Him and continue to celebrate.  [If the kids have created a Resurrection Cake during their lesson time let them bring their cake in for the group to admire!]




Items needed for this event [Easter Team can prepare these to help you]:

paper/pens or pencils for Best Gift to Jesus

box/basket in center of the room [This could be a box decorated like a big gift with a lid that can be removed. People put their ‘gifts to Jesus’ in the box.]




He Is Risen! banner [possibly created by the JMU Kids]

Jesus Easter cake *** look below for some fun ideas for the kids and their created cakes

Lovesong song sheets [possibly instrumentalists to play music or use Karaoke tunes to sing by]

The Lord’s Prayer sheets


Remind the JMU Kids leaders to prepare everything for their kids presentation.

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Easter Service Flyer easily changed for another location. Your information can be inserted.  This pdf. invitation template can be found on The Jesus MeetUp page labeled "Invitation".

Easter Service Program with The Lord's Prayer on the back for a double sided printing.  Created in black/white for the most cost effective printing.  You can get 2 programs with The Lord's Prayer on back with one piece of paper.

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