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Is God Mad At Me?


“I feel terrible about myself and what I have done. Is God mad at me? What should I do?”


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We have all done things that we regret and feel bad about. No one can stand in spiritual judgment of another. Did God expect us to be perfect on this level of experience? No! He does not expect this. Your Paradise Father is not mad at you because you tried something and found failure of some kind. He has high hopes for you and your experiential progression to grow in your ability to make better and better choices.


This is how your soul grows.


One thing that you can consider ‘doing’ is to be on the path of finding your Father who dwells within your own mind. Once you discover God for yourself and tell Him of your desire to do His will then He will work with you from inside of your mind. Now the things you have done begin to have new meanings and values for the uplift of your inner being. The feelings of guilt, sadness, failure and depression begin to lift up and out as you see with your new spiritual insight these transformational lessons that have now expanded your intelligence and spiritual capacities. It all begins with your Paradise Father who has lovingly chosen to live inside of you for as long as you long for Him to be there.


You are loved.


You are cherished. You are forgiven. You are His child. He is thrilled that you want to know Him better.


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Is God Mad At Me? - How we feel about this.
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Conclusion: God is love and He loves YOU! You are the dearly beloved baby in His arms as He looks into your eyes with the most beautiful and understanding heart of the Good Parent.


Statements to consider from Journey To The Father/The Urantia Book :


2:2.5 It is wrong to think of God as being coaxed into loving his children because of the sacrifices of his Sons or the intercession of his subordinate creatures, "for the Father himself loves you." It is in response to this paternal affection that God sends the marvelous Adjusters to indwell the minds of men. God's love is universal; "whosoever will may come." He would "have all men be saved by coming into the knowledge of the truth." He is "not willing that any should perish." ~ a Divine Counselor


137:8.17 "John came preaching repentance to prepare you for the kingdom; now have I come proclaiming faith, the gift of God, as the price of entrance into the kingdom of heaven. If you would but believe that my Father loves you with an infinite love, then you are in the kingdom of God." ~ Jesus



145:2.4 But I have come among you to proclaim a greater truth, one which many of the later prophets also grasped, that God loves you — every one of you — as individuals. ~ Jesus





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