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The Jesus MeetUp

 "Spiritual Power Multiplied: ACTION"

Week #31

Youth Leadership Recognition Rite

The Jesus MeetUp                              Our Spiritual Power Multiplied: ACTION                            Week # 31

I am despairing for our futures. This world seems to be so full of evil and darkness I wonder if any of us will be okay. You say there is comfort and hope. Please, tell me what this is all about?

Think of it like this:

We are each a single individual circuit inside our casing/s [avatar = human bodies] with an energized connection to Paradise via our Thought Adjusters.

















definition of circuit = A path or route the complete traversal of which without local change of direction requires returning to the starting point.

One ‘in the kingdom of God’ is successfully connected to the Spiritual Power of Paradise = SOURCE . One who is not just loops back around to try again and again and again. A this might be the definition of ‘depression’ etc…



key for said circuit = a generic term for any device whose possession entitles the holder to a means of access [Jesus' giving us His spiritual keys to the kingdom...temporal [first] and then social and economic in the outward kingdom]


We suggest thinking of each human child of God as one point of light on our world [as in one individual] =  the quality of being is spiritually luminous; emitting or reflecting light [dispels darkness]


BUT NOW WE LOOK AT A LASER [spiritual application] =


  1. Any of several [think fraternity of divine spirit] devices that emit highly amplified beams with multiple Power [all joined together in unison] and coherent [we recognize what we are doing] radiation of one or more discrete wavelengths. One of the most common lasers makes use of atoms in a meta-stable energy state [combined spiritual/personality vibrations/energies standing upon the Son of the Living God], which, as they decay to a lower energy level, stimulate others to decay, resulting in a cascade of emitted radiation [to affect the decay of the forces of sin and evil on our world].

  2. A beam of radiation emitted by a laser. [has the power to destroy or 'cut through' to affect a solution]


Please Note: Anything that teaches a ‘consciousness power’ without the indwelling Paradise Father/Jesus is claiming ‘you are God’. There’s not much power in that because you are not God!


This is powerful information. And it comes directly from what we know to be true from the life and teachings of Jesus. Here is even more for us to know! Now, let’s absorb how Jesus sees things:

158:5.1                                                      5. Jesus Heals the Boy

As Jesus drew near, the nine apostles were more than relieved to welcome him, and they were greatly encouraged to behold the good cheer and unusual enthusiasm which marked the countenances of Peter, James, and John. They all rushed forward to greet Jesus and their three brethren. As they exchanged greetings, the crowd came up, and Jesus asked, “What were you disputing about as we drew near?” But before the disconcerted and humiliated apostles could reply to the Master’s question, the anxious father of the afflicted lad stepped forward and, kneeling at Jesus’ feet, said: “Master, I have a son, an only child, who is possessed by an evil spirit. Not only does he cry out in terror, foam at the mouth, and fall like a dead person at the time of seizure, but oftentimes this evil spirit which possesses him rends him in convulsions and sometimes has cast him into the water and even into the fire. With much grinding of teeth and as a result of many bruises, my child wastes away. His life is worse than death; his mother and I are of a sad heart and a broken spirit. About noon yesterday, seeking for you, I caught up with your disciples, and while we were waiting, your apostles sought to cast out this demon, but they could not do it. And now, Master, will you do this for us, will you heal my son?”

(1757.2) 158:5.2 When Jesus had listened to this recital, he touched the kneeling father and bade him rise while he gave the near-by apostles a SEARCHING SURVEY. Then said Jesus to all those who stood before him: “O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I bear with you? How long shall I be with you? How long ere you learn that the works of faith come not forth at the bidding of doubting unbelief?” And then, pointing to the bewildered father, Jesus said, “Bring hither your son.” And when James had brought the lad before Jesus, he asked, “How long has the boy been afflicted in this way?” The father answered, “Since he was a very young child.” And as they talked, the youth was seized with a violent attack and fell in their midst, gnashing his teeth and foaming at the mouth. After a succession of violent convulsions he lay there before them as one dead. Now did the father again kneel at Jesus’ feet while he implored the Master, saying: “If you can cure him, I beseech you to have compassion on us and deliver us from this affliction.” And when Jesus heard these words, he looked down into the father’s anxious face, saying: “Question not my Father’s POWER of love, only the sincerity and reach of your faith. All things are possible to him who really believes.” And then James of Safed spoke those long-to-be-remembered words of commingled faith and doubt, “Lord, I believe. I pray you help my unbelief.”

(1757.3) 158:5.3 When Jesus heard these words, he stepped forward and, taking the lad by the hand, said: “I will do this in accordance with my Father’s will and in honor of living faith. My son, arise! Come out of him, disobedient spirit, and go not back into him.” And placing the hand of the lad in the hand of the father, Jesus said: “Go your way. The Father has granted the desire of your soul.” And all who were present, even the enemies of Jesus, were astonished at what they saw.

(1757.4) 158:5.4 It was indeed a disillusionment for the three apostles who had so recently enjoyed the spiritual ecstasy of the scenes and experiences of the transfiguration, so soon to return to this scene of the defeat and discomfiture of their fellow apostles. But it was ever so with these twelve ambassadors of the kingdom. They never failed to alternate between exaltation and humiliation in their life experiences.

(1758.1) 158:5.5 This was a true healing of a double affliction, a physical ailment and a spirit malady. And the lad was permanently cured from that hour. When James had departed with his restored son, Jesus said: “We go now to Caesarea-Philippi; make ready at once.” And they were a quiet group as they journeyed southward while the crowd followed on behind.


Our people need to heal!

Jesus went to the cross to be killed by the elites because

He knew this attempt would be made on us as well.














God Discovered is a global community of just that; His “human fraternity of the divine spirit’ on Earth. We teach the True Religion of Jesus. We provide resources for someone to become an ambassador for Jesus’ ministry in their own homes and local areas. We lead people in a simple practice of their own pursuit in attempting to make direct contact with their Paradise Father fragment who dwells within their own minds. This is the real meaning of the word ‘worship’.











The Jesus MeetUp is similar to how we all might go to church, temple or synagogues as a social event called “worship” [which it isn’t really] a Jesus MeetUp is a social gathering in a home etc… where we gather together socially to share in lessons about Jesus, His Kingdom of God with friends and family. We are still writing the entire 52 week program. About ½ is complete. It is designed to support the entire family, the single person and the child of God who is wounded and needs spiritual healing within. We believe that going smaller rather than the mega-church idea is far better in terms of our abilities to celebrate our Father. In smaller groups everyone can speak and be heard. Prayer is more vibrant.





















We believe with our whole hearts that when each one of us experiences our God Discovered day [attaining our indwelling Paradise Father fragments = our Thought Adjusters] and we then come together in our

Jesus MeetUp gatherings to establish Jesus’ human fraternity of the divine spirit we are on our way as spiritual leaders. In these Jesus MeetUps we will not only encourage each other spiritually, but we will come together as unified human spiritual circuits recognizing our authorization by Jesus to collaborate together and request for our spiritual authorities, family and fellows to “flow” as a result of our free will choices.  We will persistently ask for Their assistance in cleaning up this Lucifer rebellion and to effectively STOP these forces of evil and hosts of sin IN THEIR TRACKS! They are waiting for US to make the BIG ASK!


What are we waiting for?

Let’s get this job done so that our planet and her population can begin to heal by Jesus’ hand!

Questions for discussion:

How do you see yourself as a human spiritual circuit? Who are you connected to?

How will you use your keys to the kingdom? Can you work alone? Why might you pursue working as a team?

To using our keys to the kingdom for the healing of our planet. ~ Marin and David

In our next Jesus MeetUp we discuss ‘transcendent faith’ in Jesus/Michael: Creator Sons  Week #32






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