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Healing for the Wounded

- special ministry experience for care and restoration.

The Jesus MeetUp

Care Leader's Instruction

Healing for the Wounded

The Jesus MeetUp                          Healing for the Wounded      

I am so hurt. I do not know what to do with this pain. I do not understand. I need help to heal.


















178:1:17 Throughout the vicissitudes of life, remember always to love one another. Do not strive with men, even with unbelievers. Show mercy even to those who despite-fully abuse you. Show yourselves to be loyal citizens, upright artisans, praiseworthy neighbors, devoted kinsmen, understanding parents, and sincere believers in the brotherhood of the Father's kingdom. And my spirit shall be upon you, now and even to the end of the world. ~ Jesus

Do you find yourself confused between anger, sorrow, grief and then back to anger again?

How are you experiencing this?

185:6.2 Pilate would make one last appeal to their pity. Being afraid to defy the clamor of this misled mob who cried for the blood of Jesus, he ordered the Jewish guards and the Roman soldiers to take Jesus and scourge him. This was in itself an unjust and illegal procedure since the Roman law provided that only those condemned to die by crucifixion should be thus subjected to scourging. The guards took Jesus into the open courtyard of the praetorium for this ordeal. Though his enemies did not witness this scourging, Pilate did, and before they had finished this wicked abuse, he directed the scourgers to desist and indicated that Jesus should be brought to him. Before the scourgers laid their knotted whips upon Jesus as he was bound to the whipping post, they again put upon him the purple robe, and plaiting a crown of thorns, they placed it upon his brow. And when they had put a reed in his hand as a mock scepter, they knelt before him and mocked him, saying, "Hail, king of the Jews!" And they spit upon him and struck him in the face with their hands. And one of them, before they returned him to Pilate, took the reed from his hand and struck him upon the head.

When we see what Jesus went through does His understanding for our wounds become more real for you? What are the similarities between His suffering and your suffering?

184:4.3 Throughout this awful hour Jesus uttered no word. To this gentle and sensitive soul of humankind, joined in personality relationship with the God of all this universe, there was no more bitter portion of his cup of humiliation than this terrible hour at the mercy of these ignorant and cruel guards and servants, who had been stimulated to abuse him by the example of the members of this so-called Sanhedrist court.

Do you question how people can be this cruel to another fellow?

Can you put into words the thoughts and feelings that you have as you remember your hurts?

131:5.2 "All things come from, and belong to, the One God — all-wise, good, righteous, holy, resplendent, and glorious. This, our God, is the source of all luminosity. He is the Creator, the God of all good purposes, and the protector of the justice of the universe. The wise course in life is to act in consonance with the spirit of truth. God is all-seeing, and he beholds both the evil deeds of the wicked and the good works of the righteous; our God observes all things with a flashing eye. His touch is the touch of healing. The Lord is an all-powerful benefactor. God stretches out his beneficent hand to both the righteous and the wicked. God established the world and ordained the rewards for good and for evil. The all-wise God has promised immortality to the pious souls who think purely and act righteously. As you supremely desire, so shall you be. The light of the sun is as wisdom to those who discern God in the universe.

Do you wonder why what happened to you was allowed? Please explain your thoughts or feelings?

Do you accept the spiritual fact that God loves everyone – even those who choose to hurt others?

Do you believe that God has good purposes for you?

What rewards might God give you for finding love and forgiveness towards your abuser/s?

Will you allow God to work with His own seriously erring child who harmed you, as they are His child and not yours.

What impact might becoming bitter have upon you for your life?  Will you release this to Him?

Will you trust that God has the ability to heal you from within?

Pray together.

141:8.2 The apostles did some public work in Jericho, but their efforts were chiefly of a more quiet and personal nature. They now made the discovery that the good news of the kingdom was very comforting to the sick; that their message carried healing for the afflicted. And it was in Jericho that Jesus' commission to the twelve to preach the glad tidings of the kingdom and minister to the afflicted was first fully carried into effect.

What do you think the kingdom offers that is so comforting to the unwell?

If the kingdom of God that dwells within every child of God has the potential to heal someone then what could you do with this information today?

















145:5.6 When Jesus heard this, he answered: "Andrew, have I not taught you and these others that my mission on earth is the revelation of the Father, and my message the proclamation of the kingdom of heaven? How is it, then, that you would have me turn aside from my work for the gratification of the curious and for the satisfaction of those who seek for signs and wonders? Have we not been among these people all these months, and have they flocked in multitudes to hear the good news of the kingdom? Why have they now come to besiege us? Is it not because of the healing of their physical bodies rather than as a result of the reception of spiritual truth for the salvation of their souls? When people are attracted to us because of extraordinary manifestations [healings], many of them come seeking not for truth and salvation but rather in quest of healing for their physical ailments and to secure deliverance from their material difficulties.

Why do you think Jesus is drawing attention to motivations and intentions of these merely curious ones?

Why is Jesus pointing out the difference between material/physical desires and spiritual desires?

Which goal do you think Jesus would like for us to place as the highest?

If your answer is the spiritual then what does this say to you regarding the emphasis we lowly humans place upon the physical?






What a joy it is to know the spiritual touch of our Master’s hand as He blesses us with healing truth. 


I know of your struggles and understand that you view the road ahead as difficult and almost impassable. I am above that road; I am around that road; I am in that road. I know every angle you must strive from. I know the barriers of the ego that blocks your path. I have a complete map and understand the provisions you must prepare for in order to travel. I am the road. I am your guide. 


Where you are incomplete, I will complete. Where you are lacking, I will fulfill. In your loneliness, I will be there. I understand mortal desire. I understand the feelings of being limited or being oppressed. I understand feelings of inferiority and superiority – balance and imbalance. Where you fall short, there am I. Where you are unsatisfied, I will compensate with understanding. Where you are inadequate, I will take up. Where you are weak, I will strengthen you. When you are confused, I will clarify.


I seek to live in you and through you, to minister to you and to your fellows. I seek to correct your unspiritized thinking. I seek to correct through you. I will work for you; I will work through you. I have many tasks that lie before me. I have responsibility to my universe, to my Father, to the God-in-time, and to you. I find these tasks my complete joy and satisfaction. I am ever challenged by these universe chores.


I seek the darkest of the dark and find it my utmost pleasure to bring light. This is my duty as your Sovereign Creator of Nebadon. These responsibilities are what I thrive on. Would you allow me such joy to be a living presence in your lives! Would you allow me to fulfill my duties as universe Sovereign! Would you allow me to reap the pleasure I find in being at-one with you, my children!


The spiritual destiny ahead is not a secret. The spiritual life is not covered over by a mortal veil. The living truth of all things spiritual is in plain view. You are most definitely– now, and have always been– allowed to partake in the universe happenings; I have seen to it. My dear children, I would not leave you alone at any time to trudge through your mortal difficulties so they may teach you divine values – not at all. I, rather, would have you know that your mortal difficulties are nothing else than your divine tasks and responsibilities, likened to my own, and that I am with you every moment along the way.


I would seek to strengthen you and empower you with divine understanding and insight. I would lift you, my children, above the fog of the ego to the clear blue skies of divine purpose. I do not look down upon you and say: "be corrected my children, for you are in error," not at all. I hold your hand in mine and sit face to face and say: "My child, I am in understanding, for I have a clear view of all there is to see and I would choose to take this particular path."


I am your helpmate. There is nothing that can shake me or divert my attention from the purpose at hand. I am not an angry king who rules over men that can be offered bargains or self-sacrifices in trade for spiritual leniency, no! I am your co-worker who seeks to make you more than you are. My children, I live to see you soar. Open your hearts and understand who I really am.


Allow me my work in this kingdom. Allow me my place at your table. Where you are weak and in need I can, even without effort, strengthen and fulfill. Allow your burdens to be cast aside. Allow your mind to be free from worry and concern. Open yourself to receive my Spirit. Allow me to wash your incorrect thinking. Allow me to bestow love where you are empty. Allow me to refresh when you are weary.


I require a few of my children to carry on my work for the betterment of the planet, as well as the universe. You should be in top spiritual condition. I know of your thirst for the living water. I am with cup, my children. I know of your mortal hunger. Allow me to feed you with the bread of life. I am so that you would be made more. I love you. Carry on.







Jesus - We are thankful to you, our most thoughtful Brother/Father, Jesus, Christ Michael, for your personal touch in our hearts. We will most certainly be aware of your personal touch every day. We have grateful hearts that are overflowing with love and hope.


My friends, take not lightly the Master's words, for we have loving tasks before us.

Open yourselves to His nourishment and ponder upon your courage to accept His words. The kingdom is requiring tremendous spiritual effort [and for this we need to be healed]. Self-mastery is key. Look for the [spiritual] Door, my friends. Call upon the Master.


To healing for the wounded by the personal spiritual touch of our Master’s hand in stillness.


Questions to discuss:

1. If you are here today for healing, is it physical/material or spiritual? Why?

2. How has this information shared with you today impacted your understanding of Jesus’ idea of true healing?

3. Do you have faith that Jesus can heal you? How?

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