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Remembrance Supper


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The Jesus MeetUp 

"Paradise Father's Day"  Week #44

The Jesus MeetUp                             Paradise Father’s Day                   Week #44


You have been told of the spiritual water of life – that this water consists

of truth and beauty and goodness.


You have been told that truth is a spiritual reality and exists with love as an 

experience of God. ‘His goodness’ is our topic.


How do I portray to human minds this concept termed goodness? This is a difficult assignment, for goodness is so vast, so all-encompassing – enthralling, perhaps, is the word. Goodness is dynamic, it is powerful, it is the way. Goodness is like a river, is like an ocean – it flows through you through the opened gate of the heart. Goodness is the law, and the law is life and goodness. Goodness is life itself; it is the real of life; it is not shadow, not air. Yes, goodness is everything, for goodness is God.


Goodness goes together with mercy as God's way of reaching the mortal mind. He, our Father, is love in one hand and mercy and forgiveness in the other. ‘Mercy’ is perhaps not entirely the correct word, but close. This mercy is complete and total understanding of each individual mortal. It is the awareness of human failings, and the forgiveness that comes with that understanding. Do you see, mercy is total and complete, without reservation or misgiving.


Father in heaven is our Father in truth, His acts are in 'Fatherly fashion.' Always is He with love, complete unconditional love. Excuse me, "unconditional" is not quite correct; His only condition (if it can be called a condition) is the return of that love by His children. But do you see, He is so all-goodness and all-forgiveness that even this is understood – I mean, even the non-return of love, is understood.


You all have your good days and bad days; 'in tune' days and those 'not in tune' days, many times. And I say, Father is there; His hand is there to grasp your hand. You see it not, but it is there. Each of you should try, in your daily toils, to see the hand that awaits to grasp your hand. That is the true goodness of a Father who holds and guides His child in safety and security.

I leave you with this: Open the gates of your hearts. Open the eyes of your mind. Enfold all. Allow the Father to enfold you. Allow Him to grasp you. Allow Him to love you. Allow Him to lead you.









Tonight’s lesson is on the Father in heaven. He upholds, restores, and renews all things. It is He that we look to. It is He that we turn to in times of trouble. It is He who strengthens and prepares the way for us. It is He who removes the obstacles in our paths and leads us forward. He is the living water that renews our souls and gives hope in the darkness, the Giver of light and love and peace and harmony.


Father desires to share Himself with us. And you should desire to share yourselves with Him that He may fill all your lonely spaces, all the darkened corners, with light and love and peace. He searches your soul. He knows all the heartaches, all the unworthy thoughts. He is so very accepting that you need not fear to hide any part from Him – therefore, never do. You must allow. You should want to allow Him to fill you, for His presence is acceptance and forgiveness, and nothing else – nothing else! You will be living lights when you allow this. 


Lovesong "God Is So Good"


God is so good, God is so good

God is so good, He’s so good to me


God is my friend, God is my friend

God is my friend, He’s a friend to me


I choose His will, I choose His will

I choose His will, may His will be mine

135:9.7 It was early on the morning of Sabbath, February 23, that the company of John, engaged in eating their morning meal, looked up toward the north and beheld Jesus coming to them. As he approached them, John stood upon a large rock and, lifting up his sonorous voice, said: “Behold the Son of God, the deliverer of the world! This is he of whom I have said, ‘After me there will come one who is preferred before me because he was before me.’ For this cause came I out of the wilderness to preach repentance and to baptize with water, proclaiming that the kingdom of heaven is at hand. And now comes one who shall baptize you with the Holy Spirit. And I beheld the divine spirit descending upon this man, and I heard the voice of God declare, ‘This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.’”






Time of commitment

At this time let us do something different.  One by one, each of you, if you feel comfortable, stand and say one word out loud that would describe what our Paradise Father is doing in your heart, mind and soul recently.

133.:3.7 As they stood there in the moonlight, Jesus went on to say: "There lives within every human mind a divine spirit, the gift of the Father in heaven. This good spirit ever strives to lead us to God, to help us to find God and to know God..."


Breakout Session "God Is True"

Let us read how Jesus explains this to a young man..

130:2.7 This was a conference which lasted well into the night, in the course of which the young man requested Jesus to tell him the difference between the will of God and that human mind act of choosing which is also called will. In substance Jesus said: The will of God is the way of God, partnership with the choice of God in the face of any potential alternative. To do the will of God, therefore, is the progressive experience of becoming more and more like God, and God is the source and destiny of all that is good and beautiful and true. The will of man is the way of man, the sum and substance of that which the mortal chooses to be and do. Will is the deliberate choice of a self-conscious being which leads to decision-conduct based on intelligent reflection.


In groups of 2 to 4 people share an experience with one another that you have personally had when this topic became real for you. [Be sensitive as to time.  We have more to celebrate.]





In the most beautiful words: 

By choosing Father's will, the light within your heart will shine brighter; the love you bestow upon your fellows, more genuine. Your happiness will increase. Happiness is not found anywhere else, not true happiness. Your willingness to be here tests your willingness to do these things.


Father, the Spirit of the Father, lives in each person; He knows and understands each one of you, completely. There is nothing to hide from Father. Open yourselves to Him. Your willingness to do so will give you peace. Your willingness to be led by Him will give you mental tranquility; and in mental tranquility, spiritual light shines brightest.


The material mind rebels against spiritual leading, and at certain times needs discipline, perhaps even chastisement, by your higher natures – this does not hurt you but is to discipline your minds to always consider the spiritual consequence of any action so that decisions become more clear for you. In this, you begin to walk out of the gray area and see with clarity the necessity of your decisions. 


The man Jesus gave us a prayer: Father, thou art in heaven. Hollowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven.


Children’s presentation "The Lord's Prayer"

Gather the children in the front and center [tall kids in the back] and listen as they recite The Lord's Prayer to the group.  

Youth Involvement 

Consider inviting the youth of your group to read the baptismal passages during your baptism/s.


Refer to the pdf. at the top of this page for instructions.

Remembrance Supper

Refer to the pdf. at the top of the page for instructions. 

If snacks and drinks are provided then enjoy fellow-shipping. Consider inviting the JMU Kids to create a Happy Paradise Father’s Day banner and celebratory cake in our Father’s honor.


Next week we discuss What Is Jesus’ New Religion ? Week #45

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