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To Attain Him: Step 6


When triune harmony of body, mind and spiritual powers are lost repeat this process as many times as needed. We will do this many, many times over as we progress these planetary circles from the seventh to the first.

To Attain Him: - Step 6
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Reason is the proof of science, faith the proof of religion, logic the proof of philosophy, but revelation is validated only by human experience. Science yields knowledge; religion yields happiness; philosophy yields unity; revelation confirms the experiential harmony of this triune approach to universal reality.  101:2.8



















Enjoy your new-found spiritual experiences as your Paradise Father works with you as only He can. He KNOWS you for He lives within you.












Faith is all that is required!

To Your God Discovered ~ Marin DeJohn

Added note of something to consider:


Mysticism, as the technique of the cultivation of the consciousness of the presence of God, is altogether praiseworthy, but when such practices lead to social isolation and culminate in religious fanaticism, they are all but reprehensible. Altogether too frequently that which the overwrought mystic evaluates as divine inspiration is the uprisings of his own deep mind. The contact of the mortal mind with its indwelling Adjuster, while often favored by devoted meditation, is more frequently facilitated by wholehearted and loving service in unselfish ministry to one’s fellow creatures.  91:7.1

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