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Study outline formatted for a one page double-sided print for an 8.5X11 sheet of paper.

The Jesus MeetUp

"Who Is Jesus?"

Week #11

The Jesus MeetUp                                  Who is Jesus?                               Week 11

Our ancient fore-parents believed that we are the singular planet in multiple universes ever to be created by God with human beings living in it because they simply were not educated regarding science and cosmology. Our scientists know now that there are well nigh an infinite number of planets, galaxies, universes, super universes and beyond. Our world has long been embroiled the age-old Lucifer rebellion and we all know that he is the father of lies. It is no wonder that we have been left for centuries curious about who God really is, who His Son truly was/is and who we are. Today, we will discuss who Jesus actually is, where He comes from, what He has done and still does today plus our relationship with Him.  


Jesus is a Creator Son from the order of the Michael-s.

1:2.9  In theory you may think of God as the Creator, and he is the personal creator of Paradise and the central universe of perfection, but the universes of time and space are all created and organized by the Paradise corps of the Creator Sons. The Universal Father is not the personal creator of the local universe of Nebadon [our local universe]; the universe in which you live is the creation of his Son Michael [our Jesus]. Though the Father does not personally create the evolutionary universes, he does control them in many of their universal relationships and in certain of their manifestations of physical, mind-al, and spiritual energies. God the Father is the personal creator of the Paradise universe [in the center of all things] and, in association with the Eternal Son [the second Person of the Trinity and creator of our Jesus], the creator of all other personal universe Creators [like Jesus who is of the order of Michael-s].




















Jesus, as a Creator Son, created our world and us as humans to live here.

1:4.2  The physical bodies of mortals are "the temples of God." Notwithstanding that the Sovereign Creator Sons come near the creatures of their inhabited worlds and "draw all men to themselves"; though they "stand at the door" of consciousness "and knock" and delight to come in to all who will "open the doors of their hearts"; although there does exist this intimate personal communion between the Creator Sons and their mortal creatures, nevertheless, mortal men have something from God himself which actually dwells within them; their bodies are the temples thereof. [which “house” the fragments of God within our minds sometimes called Thought Adjusters].               


If we have seen the Son [Jesus] then we have seen the Father.

1:5.5  In the local creations (excepting the personnel of the super-universes) God has no personal or residential manifestation aside from the Paradise Creator Sons [like our Jesus] who are the fathers of the inhabited worlds and the sovereigns of the local universes. If the faith of the creature were perfect, he would assuredly know that when he had seen a Creator Son he had seen the Universal Father; in seeking for the Father, he would not ask nor expect to see other than the Son. Mortal man simply cannot see God until he achieves completed spirit transformation [our long and beautiful journey to the Father = Eternal Life] and actually attains Paradise.























Jesus went from a Creator Son to a Master Son once He completed His

 life in the flesh here.


21:4.6  Creator Sons, subsequent to the completion of their bestowal careers [having become each of their orders of created beings], are reckoned as a separate order, seven-fold Master Sons. In person the Master Sons are identical with the Creator Sons, but they have undergone such a unique bestowal experience that they are commonly regarded as a different order. When a Creator decides to effect a bestowal, a real and permanent change is destined to take place. True, the bestowal Son is still and none the less a Creator, but he has added to his nature the experience of a creature [of which Jesus became 7], which forever removes him from the divine level of a Creator Son and elevates him to the experiential plane of a Master Son, one who has fully earned the right to rule a universe and administer its worlds. Such beings embody all that can be secured from divine parentage and embrace everything to be derived from perfected-creature experience. Why should man bemoan his lowly origin and enforced evolutionary career when the very Gods [divine beings created and down-stepped from the Trinity] must pass through an equivalent experience before they are accounted experientially worthy and competent finally and fully to rule over their universe domains!

                               All Master Sons become every order of their created beings in order to

                                                                  rule compassionately.

119:0.6  The Michael Sons begin their work of universe organization with a full and just sympathy for the various orders of beings whom they have created. They have vast stores of mercy for all these differing creatures, even pity for those who err and flounder in the selfish mire of their own production. But such endowments of justice and righteousness will not suffice in the estimate of the Ancients of Days. These triune rulers of the super-universes will never certify a Creator Son as Universe Sovereign until he has really acquired the viewpoint of his own creatures by actual experience in the environment of their existence and as these very creatures themselves. In this way such Sons become intelligent and understanding rulers; they come to know the various groups over which they rule and exercise universe authority. By living experience they possess themselves of practical mercy, fair judgment, and the patience born of experiential creature existence.


Jesus is our Paradise Father’s only begotten son and here is why.

21:0.1  THE Creator Sons are the makers and rulers of the local universes of time and space. These universe creators and sovereigns are of dual origin, embodying the characteristics of God the Father and God the Son [First and Second of the Trinity]. But each Creator Son is different from every other; each is unique in nature as well as in personality; each is the "only-begotten Son" of the perfect deity ideal.


Creator Sons and the Father are one.


182:1.6  "And now, my Father, I would pray not only for these eleven men but also for all others who now believe, or who may hereafter believe the gospel of the kingdom through the word of their future ministry. I want them all to be one, even as you and I are one. You are in me and I am in you, and I desire that these believers likewise be in us; that both of our spirits indwell them. If my children are one as we are one, and if they love one another as I have loved them, all men will then believe that I came forth from you and be willing to receive the revelation of truth and glory which I have made. The glory which you gave me I have revealed to these believers. As you have lived with me in spirit, so have I lived with them in the flesh. As you have been one with me, so have I been one with them, and so will the new teacher ever be one with them and in them.” ~ Jesus

        All Creator/Master Sons are Spirit-s of Truth for each person in their universes.

























34:4.5  The Creator Sons are endowed with a spirit of universe presence in many ways analogous [the same] to that of the Seven Master Spirits of Paradise. This is the Spirit of Truth [Jesus’ Spirit] which is poured out upon a world by a bestowal Son after he receives spiritual title to such a sphere. This bestowed Comforter is the spiritual force which ever draws all truth seekers towards Him [our Jesus] who is the personification of truth in the local universe. This spirit is an inherent endowment of the Creator Son, emerging from his divine nature just as the master circuits [Vine of Life] of the grand universe are derived from the personalities...of the Paradise Deities.

Jesus is now ruling His universe.


144:6.3  “I will be about my Father's business, for we have other realms besides this one." ~ Jesus


What is our relationship to Jesus today?


163:2.4  "Then are you indeed my disciple and a child of the kingdom." ~ Jesus



















Group questions:

1) How has this information expanded your concepts of God?

2) What do you think/feel knowing that Jesus has other brothers as Creator/Master Sons who rule in their

     created universes?

3) Describe if you can feel Jesus’ Spirit of Truth within you?

4) Are there teachings in the Bible that you have learned that now ring more true with these expanded

     teachings regarding Paradise, the Trinity, the Creator/Master Sons and the Spirit-s of Truth?

5) How will these truths change your living?


Close with all saying The Lord’s Prayer.

Please give your leader any questions to assist us in planning future teachings.

Teaser: Jesus did not die on the cross because His Father is a blood-thirsty, angry and vengeful God requiring a torturous death for His Son in order for our mistakes to be forgiven. This sounds more like a lie to us. And who might foster such a lie about our One True Paradise Father? Yes, this annoying father of lies who has influenced the people on our beautiful planet. You are already forgiven and Jesus said so. Something else was going on as He was delivered to, and then materially died on, that wooden cross. Breathe deeply and know that you are dearly loved by your Paradise Father and His Son who cherish you, dwell within you and are always with you.


All honor and praise to our amazing Sovereign Master Son, Jesus.

Next week we discuss Jesus' High Spiritual Concept Week #12

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