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The Jesus MeetUp

 "Now: My Potential s"

Week #30

The Jesus MeetUp                                       Now: My Potential-s?                                                  Week #30

Why do I seem to have so many problems in my life?

What are the solutions that will really last?

Problem: For many reasons, Jesus’ true teachings have been obscured since He was here, so much so that all of us as His children on His world do not know who they truly are, what their spiritual potential s are and what Jesus wants ALL of us to be doing spiritually in these dangerous days on our timeline.

Solution: Jesus wants us to learn all about our indwelling Paradise Father who lives in Paradise as our Great Source and Center of all things. He indwells each one of us with His Thought Adjusters and He wants us to know how we each may make direct personal spiritual connection with Him inside of our minds and souls any time we desire Him.

This is a REAL spiritual experience.

Jesus then wants us to lovingly serve our fellows and to be in social contact with each other towards the purpose to enhance what He called “the human fraternity of the divine spirit” [157:4.5]. This is a very powerful force on our world to affect spiritual and physical victory in this age-old spiritual war, the Lucifer Rebellion, we are all caught in.















Our Universal and world view comes out of The Urantia Book…

1. The Urantia Book is a “How To” book giving us the path to make direct contact with our indwelling Paradise Father fragments...our Thought Adjusters

2. In creating God Discovered [] and The Jesus MeetUp we are gifting everyone with a simple tool to create their own personal Jesus-ministries right where they live.


















God Discovered has essentially 3 Piers. And they are...

Pier 1) personal = attainment of the Father for the individual

Pier 2) social = brotherhood of men, loving service to our fellows as we bring friends together to spiritually grow as a group

Pier 3) ambassadorship/leadership = Turbo soul growth, score soul credits by taking up the mantle of loving leadership.

Explanation regarding our Human Power Potential s.

Our Sovereign Universe Master, Jesus said:

 157:4.5  After they had partaken of their meal and were engaged in discussing plans for the forthcoming tour of the Decapolis, Jesus suddenly looked up into their faces and said: “Now that a full day has passed since you assented to Simon Peter’s declaration regarding the identity of the Son of Man, I would ask if you still hold to your decision?” On hearing this, the twelve stood upon their feet, and Simon Peter, stepping a few paces forward toward Jesus, said: “Yes, Master, we do. We believe that you are the Son of the living God.” And Peter sat down with his brethren.

157:4.5 Jesus, still standing, then said to the twelve: “You are my chosen ambassadors, but I know that, in the circumstances, you could not entertain this belief as a result of mere human knowledge. This is a revelation of the spirit of my Father to your inmost souls. And when, therefore, you make this confession by the insight of the spirit of my Father which dwells within you, I am led to declare that upon this foundation will I build the brotherhood of the kingdom of heaven. Upon this rock of spiritual reality [that He IS THE LIVING SON OF GOD] will I build the living temple of spiritual fellowship in the eternal realities of my Father’s kingdom. All the forces of evil and the hosts of sin shall not prevail against this human fraternity of the divine spirit. And while my Father’s spirit shall ever be the divine guide and mentor of all who enter the bonds of this spirit fellowship, to you and your successors I now deliver the keys of the outward kingdom — the authority over things temporal — the social and economic features of this association of men and women as fellows of the kingdom.” And again he charged them, for the time being, that they should tell no man that he was the Son of God.

157:4.6 Jesus was beginning to have faith in the loyalty and integrity of his apostles. The Master conceived that a faith which could stand what his chosen representatives had recently passed through would undoubtedly endure the fiery trials which were just ahead and emerge from the apparent wreckage of all their hopes [after the cross and then He leaves this world] into the new light of a new dispensation and thereby be able to go forth to enlighten a world sitting in darkness. On this day the Master began to believe in the faith of his apostles, save one. [Judas, but Jesus still loved Judas and gave him every opportunity until the very end. Remember this!]






















Seat-belts ON...and here we go:

Jesus refers to: A Living Spiritual Temple comprised of a Human Fraternity Powered by the Divine Spirit with our Paradise Father as our mentor/guide.

The Forces of Evil and Hosts of Sin = a conscious choosing to oppose spiritual progress — REALITY = OUR PARADISE FATHER’S WAY = an open and persistent defiance of recognized reality and signifies such a degree of personality disintegration as to border on cosmic insanity. [This is what we are dealing with today on a global scale]

He used the word prevail = intransitive verb an ACTION. Meaning to be greater in strength or influence; to triumph. To be predominant. To be in force, use, or effect.

When he refers to successors He is referring to US, today!

When He presents these Keys they are defined as = a means of gaining or preventing entrance, possession, or control. A deciding factor. Something that provides a solution. A switch for opening or closing an electric circuit for energy to flow!

Key as an adjective: extremely or crucially important.

Key as a transitive verb: to lock or secure with or as if with a key, to be essential or to play the most important part.

Outward kingdom [implying an inward kingdom also exists] He is referring to the material realm, social and economic.

Social = involving allies, of or relating to human society, the interaction of the individual and the group, or the welfare of human beings as members of society, tending to form cooperative and interdependent relationships with others

Economic = of, relating to, or based on the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services

Authority = authorization means that He is giving us permission of Power given to us directly by Jesus HIMSELF!

Over = indicates the possession of authority, power, or jurisdiction in regard to some thing or person, indicates superiority, advantage, or preference, more than.

Temporal = Jesus was relating to our earthly life, or of relating to the sequence of time or to a particular time.














We suspect we are given these ‘keys to the outward kingdom’ because this is OUR WORLD, our dominion. Any off-worlders [aliens] do not have this kind of power because this world is not theirs. This is why they have to enlist the humans on this world in order to use them to do their bidding. In any event, WE are the ones who have been authorized the Spiritual Keys to our world’s Outward Kingdom. We just have to use them correctly, which we have been obscured from knowing all about down through history. Please let me repeat this:




We pity the fools who are rebels sinfully opposing our Paradise Father’s will for 606,

which is our planet’s number in our system.

Gabriel, our loving and highest archangel is praying like this, even now:













53:8.4 True, the Uversa tribunals have not yet rendered the executive decision regarding the appeal of Gabriel praying for the destruction of the rebels, but such a decree will, no doubt, be forthcoming in the fullness of time since the first step in the hearing of this case has already been taken.

We may all take comfort in the absolute assurance that this rebellion will end and our

personalities and souls are kept safe in the unassailable citadel of the spirit.


In our next Jesus MeetUp we will continue this discussion and discover where our spiritual Power comes from and how we are to use it, not only our personal good but also for the good of our entire planet using Jesus’ authorization and keys to the outward kingdom.

Questions to discuss:

Please explain what the foundation for utilizing Jesus’ keys to the outward kingdom is? Why?

Discuss why this ‘human fraternity of the divine spirit’ matters to this standing against the forces of evil and hosts of sin?

Where does believing faith come into play? What happens if insincerity enters in?

In Jesus’ area He refers to as the ‘temporal’ what is the social arena? What is the economic arena?


Now is a good time for you all to say The Lord’s Prayer together. To save on paper and ink, please turn these sheets back in. Feel free to write a prayer request and give it to you leader.

May we all discover the authorized spiritual Power that Jesus gave to us as

His human fraternity of the divine spirit.

In Part 2 of this study we continue in Week #31 Our Spiritual Power Multiplied: ACTION

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