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Jesus' True Religion: Socialized as The Jesus MeetUp

We put ministry in the hands of the people.  No cult leader required.  Jesus does it all!

  Completed programs are denoted with a green *** beside them. 

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Under Construction



This section is dedicated to those of you who love God and want to create a small ministry right where you live. We have prepared for you some ideas for creating a successful friendship group experience where you might simply invite some people over to talk about the things that Jesus talked about with His friends as we know from The Urantia Book. This is nothing more than a gathering of diverse people who want to share their thoughts together and investigate how to grow spiritually as Jesus told us is possible ~ inside and out!


The power of the ‘prayer cards’ offers someone the experience of sharing and receiving prayer for the needs in their lives. This also provides a wonderful opportunity for you (the facilitator or leader) to reach out in love during the week and offer loving support to those with prayer concerns. This is a dynamic way to show care and concern which invariably will lead to greater depths of confidence in you as a minister of our Lord Jesus.

The Jesus MeetUp 52 Week Program

So, this program is designed to be leader-friendly. The Jesus MeetUp study outlines can be printed on one double-sided page in black and white (super cost effective) for anyone to take home for further study. 


For those who cannot afford a book, do not own a computer/laptop or even a phone can still have a little bit of Jesus' teachings to keep week after week and build up their own file of Jesus' amazing teachings until they can afford to get a book.


There are group questions each week for great discussions.  Each meeting ends with The Lord's Prayer said as a group (pdf. below). We encourage everyone to write on a piece of paper either their prayer requests or a question that they would like answered.  We will wrap these questions into the 52 week program as they come in week by week.  Advancing Ambassadors Advent is offered 4 times a year as well as youth leadership training.  As you can see we have included many ceremonies, rites, celebrations, ordinations and recognition-s throughout the year.  The 3D Trinity Concentric Circles (spinners) are given, never sold, as gifts to recognize those Ambassadors of Jesus who are worthy of appreciation.  A paper defining the new Jesus' True Religion will be posted shortly.

Soon, we will create a coinciding Children and Youth Jesus MeetUp program designed with each developmental stage considered and applied.  This ultimately provides the entire family the opportunity to discuss these truths of Jesus and our Revelators as a family unit as each week's topic is addressed for every age group.  We firmly believe that this will uplift the family unit providing closer relationships and greater love all around.


We welcome your thoughts and opinions.  Send us your ideas in the Contact section at the top of that page.  Thank you!


To Jesus lifted up so He may draw all near to Himself ~ the group at God Discovered 

leader: noun: person who guides

synonyms for leader:  coach, instructor, director, manager, officer, captain, counselor, forerunner, guide, lead, pacesetter, pilot, pioneer, shepherd, skipper.  Jesus might add a "SERVANT"! 

"Whosoever would be great among you, let him first become your servant." ~ Jesus 171:0.6

The Jesus MeetUp Presentation

Presenting The Jesus Meetup - pdf

The Jesus MeetUp Presentation - Audio

Everything in red = ceremony, rite or ritual done as a part of that week's meeting

Everything in blue = workshop or event to be done at a separate time of the week other than the regular week's meeting

Everything with *** = completed and ready for socialized ministry use

Jesus Meetup List


Week #1  Kingdom Play/Ambassador Appointments ***


Week #2   You Are Loved By God! ***

Daddy Dinner Dance  ***

Week #3   True Religion: Sonship ***

Week #4   YOU: The Temple of God ***

Week #5   Follow Me: What He Meant *** Baptisms

Week #6   Jesus' Purpose on Earth ***

Week #7   Love: Wedlock/Valentines ~ Renewal of Marriage Vows ***

RESTORATION: Healing for the Wounded MDJ/CM

Week #8   Prayer vs. Worship: Defined ***

Week #9   Is God Mad At Me? ***

Week #10 Meaning of the Cross ***

Week #11 Who Is Jesus? ***

Week #12 Jesus’ High Spiritual Concept ***

Week #13 In Truth He Has Risen [being re-worked]

Easter Service - Baptisms - Lord's Supper RB [being re-worked]

Week #14 Is Jesus Our Savior [being re-worked]


Week #15 Meaning of Life: How to Know? [being re-worked] A/H

Week #16 Forgiveness:  How it Works [being re-worked]

Week #17 Forgiveness vs. Relationship [being re-worked]

Week #18 Jesus Before Christianity ***

Week #19 Honor Woman/Mother's Day ***                                                                                  Designed by David Norwood

Mother-Daughter/Mother-Son Special Event ***

RESTORATION: Healing for the Wounded MDJ/CM

Week #20 Life After Death: We Live On ***

Week #21 Is Jesus a Christian? ***

Week #22 Jesus Is Here Now: Proof ***

Week #23 Chosen By God: Thought Adjusters ***

Week #24 Contact With God ***

Week #25 Honor Man/Father's Day  ***

Father-Son Special Event  ***

RESTORATION: Healing for the Wounded MDJ/CM

Week #26 Nature of God *** 

Week #27 The Soul ***

Week #28 Who Am I? ***


Week #29 Kingdom of Heaven: Overview ***

Week #30 Now: My Potential-s? ***

Week #31 Our Spiritual Power Multiplied: ACTION ***

Youth Leader Recognition Rite  ***

Week #32 Jesus/Michael: Creator Sons ***


Baptisms-Commitment Time-Testimonies-Small Group Breakout

Personal Best Gift Given To Him-The Lord's Supper--Extended Event

Week #34 Am I a Son of God? ***

Week #35 Adam and Eve: True History ***

Week #36 Where Do I Fit In? ***

Week #37 Taking the Kingdom!  ***

Week #38 Grandparent’s Day: Celebration of Parental Power DN

RESTORATION: Healing for the Wounded  MDJ/CM

Week #39 Friendship Day: Celebration of Friendships DN


Week #40 Spiritual Rebellion: True History MDJ

Week #41 There Is No Hell! ***

Week #42 Error/Evil/Sin/Iniquity *** 

Week #43 Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People? MDJ

Week #44 Paradise Father’s Day H/A/MDJ/DN

The Lord's Supper - CELEBRATION

Week #45 What is Jesus' New Religion?  MDJ/H/A

Jesus' True Religion:  Presentation for New Friends MDJ/RD

Week #46 God = Reality MDJ/H/RD

Single and Significant

Week #47 Celestial Family Appreciation Day: Angels and Us ***                                   Jesus MeetUp Facilitator tips and ideas 

Week #48 Is God A Person? ***

Week #49 Spirit Unity Light & Life: What Is It? RD/MDJ/H/A                                                                                                                   

Week #50 How To Spiritually Grow ***

Week #51 Honor Family: Our Survival Hope RD/DN/H/A

Baby Dedications-The Lord's Supper

RESTORATION: Healing for the Wounded MDJ/CM

Week #52 They Came To Teach Us ***

TRINITY circles!
For Jesus MeetUp
They are worthy of honor and appreciation.  These Trinity Circles are gifts - they are never sold!

Printable pdf for group members to read at the close of the meetings.  You can save on paper/ink if you take them up each week for multiple usage.

Trinity circles without the wires labeled.png

The Jesus MeetUp Worksheet for personal note-taking, questions or ideas to share after the content has been presented.

Printable pdf invitation sample for Jesus MeetUp meetings

Weddings and Funerals:  The laws of the area will provide the legalities needed per those authorities.

Throughout the year we also offer special events creating memories for the parent and child:

Week #2    Father/Daughter Special Event as Daddy Dinner Dance

Week #19  Mother/Daughter Special Event

Week #19  Mother/Son Special Event

Week #25  Father/Son Special Event


"RESTORATION:Healing for the Wounded"  are carefully and tenderly planned communications [sometime during Weeks #8, #17, #26 and #38] for those who have been abused by their parents, siblings, other family  members or anyone else.  These delicate meetings/communications will be for both males and females.  Often, but not always they will be the week OF these celebrations so that those who are grieving, angry, hurting and crying whilst all others are celebrating will come to know their own healing spiritual touch from Jesus.  We will discover together new meanings, values and truths that will set the wounded child of God FREE.

Single and Significant:  A time for all single adults to gather sometime during Week #46 to discover encouragement, value, blessing and respect for this unique and quite precious time in one's life as they stand without a partner in their lives with the love of God.

Jesus' True Religion:  Presentation for New Friends:  Week #45 we offer a welcome meeting to present and explain what Jesus' True Religion is and is not.  We will present the things we have in common and  what is less in common and why.  Leaders will open things up for friendly discussions with a few rules for dialogue set in place.  Question/Answer time follows after the meeting.

Our Thought Adjusters are very active right now flooding our minds with new and creative ideas for this brand new and FUN Jesus' True Religion.  They all know we are here.  They all know about these plans.  One day we hope to share with new friends some of the amazing stories of how our seraphim, our indwelling Father fragments, the Spirit of Truth etc...worked in our lives as we dove head-long into our own Kingdom Play.  The spiritual realm is astonishingly REAL.  May we all Discover God!

You Are A Child Of God - Marin DeJohn
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You Are Not Alone - Marin DeJohn
00:00 / 00:00
One With Him - Marin DeJohn
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Follow Me

The Jesus Meetup Week #49

Facilitator Outline

Reflections Handout Sheet

Follow Me - Marin DeJohn
00:00 / 00:00

As I Have Taught You

The Jesus Meetup Week #50

Facilitator Outline

Reflections Handout Sheet

As I Have Taught You - Marin DeJohn
00:00 / 00:00

Spiritual Liberty For All

The Jesus Meetup Week #51

Facilitator Outline

Reflections Handout Sheet

Spiritual Liberty - Marin DeJohn
00:00 / 00:00

The Door Is Open For All

The Jesus Meetup Week #52

Facilitator Outline

Reflections Handout Sheet

The Door Is Open For All - Marin DeJohn
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