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The Jesus MeetUp 

"Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?"

Week #43




The Jesus MeetUp                Why do bad things happen to good people?          Week #43


“I feel that I am the only person in the world who has been so hurt, so demeaned,

so used and utterly scorned. Why?”


From one who knows us through and through.

Greetings to you, my so cherished children. I am always grateful to Father for His understanding. He does know I need contact with my mortal children and He has made the way.

  In my career in the flesh, I experienced untold hardships. I experienced things that would make ordinary men completely hopeless. I can say I experienced grief to the fullest. I suffered in a most unbelievable manner, and yet my relationship with my Father had carried me through. My faith was a sturdy foundation in an unstable world, and this was adequate.

  I have come to say to you, my children, that faith is adequate; but the ability to worship is the key to surpassing adequate. In a worshipful attitude, there is connection with Father and His wisdom which allows you to peek at the light at the end of the tunnel. Father's wisdom guides us towards solutions – steps towards going beyond mediocrity, to upholding victory.

  At my lowest moments, my worshipful attitude connected me to Father's comfort – Father's immediate assistance from His divine angels. In my habit of a worshipful attitude, I was still enabled to be a bearer of light and good news. I was not so burdened so as to lie down before my earthly struggles, no. My ability to be worshipful, and maintain my smallness to receive divine word, allowed me wisdom, comfort, and the ability to still be a bearer of light.

  My children, I would wish you joy in a thousand ways. I experience your trials with you and I feel your grief. I can say that to sharpen your skills of worship is a guarantee to magnify your joy. Even in your moments of darkness, seek to acknowledge Father is with you. Allow Him to give you His wisdom, comfort, and ability to carry on to tell others the good news. I would give to you my love; and my peace also I leave with you. Farewell, and carry on. ~ Jesus


Evil must exist if man/woman is to be truly free.

54:3.1 The moral will creatures of the evolutionary worlds are always bothered with the unthinking question as to why the all-wise Creators permit evil and sin. They fail to comprehend that both are inevitable if the creature is to be truly free. The free will of evolving man or exquisite angel is not a mere philosophic concept, a symbolic ideal. Man’s ability to choose good or evil is a universe reality. This liberty to choose for oneself is an endowment of the Supreme Rulers, and they will not permit any being or group of beings to deprive a single personality in the wide universe of this divinely bestowed liberty — not even to satisfy such misguided and ignorant beings in the enjoyment of this misnamed personal liberty.

Living on a world still needing correction from the devastation of the Lucifer rebellion will always present some danger. To have free will choice means that, most likely, we will all be hurt in some way or another. Our challenge is less about how to avoid these dangers and rather more how to find healing, understanding and solace through our hurts and sorrows once they arrive. When we take our hurts to our Father and Jesus undoubtedly what will emerge is healing in the form of becoming more self-forgetful, as our sufferings will only help us to become more compassionate. If we have been wounded then we become much more sensitive and understanding to our fellows who have also been wounded. This is what Jesus is trying to teach us. Not by mere ink/words a page, but through authentic personal spiritual experience. Be not afraid.








And, our trusted Teacher says:

  I wish to speak about transitions. In the road of life, often are there hard and unsure pathways; there are unsteady footholds; there are rocks which give out beneath our feet. Where we thought we were safe, is not always so.

  Understand that your concepts of security and safety may be based on illusion, for what is true security? What constitutes a balanced, safe, secure, strong existence? Is it not centered on the good Spirit of our Father, who guides us and shows us the path through a noble exercise of faith and surety?

  True security/safety, is not found in the 'things' of this world. I say to you, all this ‘material’ world existence, is but dust. All your wealth, all your fame and glory, will not carry you beyond the grave. All these you leave behind. Yes, as surely as I speak, all ‘things’ of this world are but dust, and much of what you perceive to be secure, is crumbling even now.

I am not advocating the giving up of your material wealth and security, no, not at all. However, I do mean to show that this is not your true security, for what matters it to a man of true faith if all things earthly, crumble. He who has real and abiding faith and strength is secure in his knowledge of truth and reality. This knowledge precedes and supersedes all of the material world.

  Father, who walks with each of us, is always concerned over your true welfare, yes, and will never ever forsake His children. You are all carefully looked-after, watched over, and cared for within His great eternal arms. He who is the maker of all reality brings you to Himself and to the truth of this fount of all that is. Within each child, the good Spirit is – and is becoming, in life.

  Often all the cares of the world are so overwhelming, that we who once were a part of this dust, can see that it may overwhelm and overcome you – your thinking. We wish for you to understand how untrue and how false this thinking is! What a lie is this! Yes, you who see and have insight into true reality must exercise this living faith to get you through these times of transition and trouble. Yes, you must show within and without to others, that you can, and do, rely upon the living God and the Spirit of Truth for your true security, happiness, welfare, and progress.

  Transitions are so very difficult in their uncertainty. Uncertainty causes the material mind to fear, and fear can be deadly to spiritual progress. Always must we look to the Father in these times of difficulty and uncertain futures. Yes, indeed, even when we are uncertain of ourselves, certain can we be of God.

  Transient reality is the essence of material existence. All change and all growth, is in continuous transition. Even when life appears static – inwardly you experience great change, great difficulties, great problems; and all these you surmount, yourselves, by your strength, by your calm and secure mental abilities, which are grounded in spiritual truth. Life is the sum total of your hard and difficult decisions through the exercise of sublime faith.

  How are we to judge another! Who among us lives within an-other's mind? Only our Father! We who serve and teach and endeavor to show you a broader path, a wide and open path of certain salvation – we, indeed, are walking this path arm in arm with you. And you who are walking this path with us are indeed, walking arm in arm with God. As well, you who are walking this path are, indeed, walking arm in arm with Michael, for His great spiritual benevolence is always present with you, truly.




















Greetings, this is Marin.

The great pain of loss, grief and suffering can be nearly completely debilitating. In fact, some do die of a broken heart. I came very close to this. And yet, I live to tell of His great healing hand. I have lost loved ones, been quite ill and at one point in my life literally lost everything! House, spouse, family, friends, job, money >>> EVERYTHING! At that time I came to question who I even was? My identity seemed totally gone and I felt like nothing. However, this was a part of my spiritual boot camp. From the dregs and ashes I was lifted up and held together. I was supported like a broken plant in a pot of dry dirt with ties that held my broken branch together so that it could graft and grow back to live another day. Eventually, I became more and more self-forgetful and this caused by pain and suffering to melt away. He will do no less for you. He will always make you more than you think you are.
























“You, my children, are in the company of one who loves you so deep!

I am filled with compassion for your daily trials and I understand your deepest pain. There is not one thing you could explain to me that I would not understand. I would always make it my priority to help those seeking children.

  I have experienced self-forgetfulness while in the flesh. My greatest help, I must say, was love for my Divine Father and love for my human associates. This love had led me to feel the Father's hands to reach into my hands, to help where help was needed. This love had allowed Father's words to come from my mouth where it would be beneficial. This love had allowed me to see what our Father sees. Yes, it sounds simple, but I can verify that to truly know our Father, His presence and His divine love, leads us to a greater knowledge of love wherein you can love your fellows without condition.

  I have experienced that supreme all-consuming love from our Father on high while I dwelt in the flesh. I can tell you, you will also experience this and know it when it is upon you. I would ask you to be open to me and my Spirit as I move through your daily lives and minister to you as a Brother/Father would. I am even now overflowing with such gratitude to our Father who is in heaven, for He has loved us, and loved us well.

  I would have you know that your world moves on a correct course. You will soon see, my children, that my Spirit will be regarded as common in your personal lives – in your politics, your society, your education – anywhere there is a need for the flame of divine truth to burn. As I have done in ages past, I will do again – you will feel my Spirit upon you with such a brotherly affection and a source of spiritual strength.

  I would like to deliver a message of hope, and have you also take this message and give it where you will. Forget not how I know you each as I know myself. Forget not that I have gone before you and paved the road with love for our Father and His mortal children, to shed light on the gift of self-forgetfulness. You are my cause for continuous rejoicing and always does my heart remain filled with the love I have for you. Farewell, my children. Carry on.” ~ Jesus


To becoming courageously self-forgetful in a world deeply needing strong fellows

who know how to love. ~ the group at God Discovered


Questions to discuss:

1. Thinking back on tough times in your life, what did you learn?

2. Can you look back and see how you were strengthened by spiritual forces you could not see? If so, how?

3. Are you becoming better at handling pain, sorrow and suffering today? If so, how ?


Next week we will celebrate Paradise Father’s Day Week #44


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