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Who am I to God?


How does God see me? Is His love for me ever in jeopardy? Can I do anything too bad for Him to ‘spew me out of His mouth’ or slay me as other books claim? Does He really love me with an unconditional love?


Yes ~ He does!






























Here's what we talked about:






Your Paradise Father loves you with an unending love that transcends what our minds can even comprehend right now on our lowly 3rd density level. However, our comprehension of His love doesn’t really matter. Does it? All we need to know by faith is what His Son taught us. And it is this:


149:6.2 "My children, I am not surprised that you ask such questions. In the beginning it was only through fear that man could learn reverence, but I have come to reveal the Father's love so that you will be attracted to the worship of the Eternal by the drawing of a son's affectionate recognition and reciprocation of the Father's profound and perfect love. I would deliver you from the bondage of driving yourselves through slavish fear to the irksome service of a jealous and wrathful King-God. I would instruct you in the Father-son relationship of God and man so that you may be joyfully led into that sublime and supernal free worship of a loving, just, and merciful Father-God. ~ Jesus

Jesus, still standing, then said to the twelve: "You are my chosen ambassadors, but I know that, in the circumstances, you could not entertain this belief as a result of mere human knowledge. This is a revelation of the spirit of my Father to your inmost souls. And when, therefore, you make this confession by the insight of the spirit of my Father which dwells within you, I am led to declare that upon this foundation will I build the brotherhood of the kingdom of heaven. Upon this rock of spiritual reality will I build the living temple of spiritual fellowship in the eternal realities of my Father's kingdom. All the forces of evil and the hosts of sin shall not prevail against this human fraternity of the divine spirit.  157:4.5


149:6.4 "Intelligent children do not fear their father in order that they may receive good gifts from his hand; but having already received the abundance of good things bestowed by the dictates of the father's affection for his sons and daughters, these much loved children are led to love their father... The goodness of God leads to repentance; the beneficence of God leads to service; the mercy of God leads to salvation; while the love of God leads to intelligent and freehearted worship. ~ Jesus


Our conclusion: We love our children simply because they are our beloved sons and daughters. Our Father who abides in Paradise, and within our own minds, loves us with an eternal, perfect and adorable affection that is enjoyed only in a personal and spiritual experience in loving communication with Him. This is the only thing that He truly wants from us and the only real gift that we may give to Him. We are like a tiny child resting in His loving ‘arms’ and over-care. The only material comparison (limited as it is) would be how we love our babies.


You are His precious child!

This is the religion OF Jesus ~ not merely 'about' Him.


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