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Greetings to ALL! We have been given this gift called The Urantia Book.  In this book we have been taught with precision by our Revelators and our Sovereign Master of our universe, Jesus.  They have told us what to do and how to do things in order to make direct contact with God who indwells our minds.  Jesus has told us exactly how our Paradise Father wants us to live our lives as Jesus is the actual physical/material expression of God Himself.  Please note that caution/wisdom should be applied when looking around online for opinions.  We are still effected by the Lucifer rebellion and there are MANY confused fellows attempting to discourage, defame and diminish this 5th epochal revelation.  Jesus wins!  [Special welcome to Christians, AA, NA and OA members!]

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Introduction to The Urantia Book

The Urantia Book begins and ends with our Paradise Father! The book is about our true God so that we may enter into a personal relationship with Him that is OF God. Example: One may read a book about having a baby. However, this would be mere concept or theory until an actual pregnancy occurs, birth is experienced and the relationship OF parent and child ensues. Concept and theory gives way to actually becoming all that is the being OF a parent...not just ABOUT it.














The Urantia Book begins with a teacher, a Divine Counselor hailing from Paradise Itself. He explains who our Paradise Father is, whence He began His work, what His creation is for, where He is and how He works with His created beings and all of His material creations in the grand universe. From Paradise the book takes us through Havona [heaven], the long journey from there to our own Superuniverse [the last of seven], on through to our local universe and to our local system. Finally, the book takes us to our own world numbered 606 with its colorful history and then the bestowal of Jesus who changed everything for us, and all others, everywhere. In Part 4 we have the matchless teachings of Jesus, Christ Michael, Sovereign Master of our universe. As we can see, our Revelators have taken us from Paradise all the way to here, Urantia [Earth].





There are MANY fascinating and valuable things to learn from our book. One could spend thousands of hours learning much. However, the pearl of great price from our book is the teaching of how we are able to make direct contact with our indwelling fragment of our Living God within our own hearts and minds. The real purpose of this book is to help every single one of us arrive at our own God Discovered day, when personal contact is made and then grown with our Paradise Father.


When once the Paradise Father is attained real spiritual growth can ensue, and sometimes this growth can occur quite rapidly. This is our personal choice as to how much dedication we employ in this process. This is what God Discovered and The Jesus MeetUp are all about. We are new and young beings in our cosmic citizenship but we are not invisible. They all know we are here. We should apply great appreciation for the immense effort that has gone into the design of our Urantia Book. As time goes on and you make more and more, deeper and deeper connection with your indwelling Paradise Father fragment you will discover that you are changing from within. For as we can see, His promise to us is that if we have child-like faith in Him then He will do the rest. He literally does almost ALL of the work within us.














Faith is all that is required.


Why should I read this book?


Over what any humanistic/materialistic pontificator might like to say, we are far more than mere flesh, blood, water etc… As we have heard many times “You are not a human who has spiritual experiences. You are a spiritual being having an ongoing human experience.”


We are spiritual beings!


Fundamentally, we cannot grow beyond our spiritual capacities. Our bodies might change but our bodies are not spiritual. Everything that really matters is found in the spiritual realm. This includes “mind”. Our personal spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth happens in the realm of the spirit. To deny this will mean that growth is inhibited...for a time, until one is ready. Why do that?


The Urantia Book is a ‘How To’ book. Although you will find many fascinating details in a vast array the real treasures are found in the teachings of a spiritual nature. The bottom line is this: If you want to grow in all areas of your life you will read this book [or listen to the wonderful audios] and apply the instructions found therein. Yes, the book is a large tome. You will need to employ effort with some struggle and you will discover some challenges along the way. But this has always been our Paradise Father’s way of things. There is growth when challenges emerge to be faced and conquered.








Origins of the book.


When I first heard about The Urantia Book I went directly to Google to find out what it was about. I read many confusing opinions. Some were glowing and others were downright warning anyone to never read this evil, occultist and demonic book. Shortly, I realized that I would have to read this book for myself and not rely on second-hand opinions, possibly from people who read little to nothing of the very book they are denigrating.


Here is what our group has come to in our thinking.

195:7.23 The scientist, not science, perceives the reality of an evolving and advancing universe of energy and matter. The artist, not art, demonstrates the existence of the transient morontia world intervening between material existence and spiritual liberty. The religionist, not religion, proves the existence of the spirit realities and divine values which are to be encountered in the progress of eternity.


Our reality is such that we love the Urantia Book antagonist and simply step away from the falsehoods. You will need to decide for yourself what you will believe and what you will then do with what you have learned from this most precious spiritual gift.


Gabriel and Mary

Do most of us believe and accept that our beloved archangel Gabriel came and spoke to Mary with his announcement of the coming birth of Jesus? Yes. Many of us do.


Elijah and Elisha

Do most of us believe that Elijah was taken up in a ‘chariot of fire’ [fusion] and that this was witnessed by his student, Elisha? Yes. Many of us do.



Do most of us believe that Jesus came to our world as a spiritual being in the form of a human baby and then grew to be a human man? Yes. We do.


In each of these cases there was a supernatural occurrence, one that cannot be explained with mere physical/material proof. And this is because science cannot prove the spiritual realm. However, science does prove out the handiwork of God...eventually. God has no issue with good science. But these examples show us that much more is going on in our world than material science can even deal with.






Beginning around 1925 The Urantia Book project began.


Over the course of the next 30 years private work ensued with a group of humans engaging with unseen celestial personalities who answered their questions. These questions and answers became our book. There are a myriad of interesting details regarding the day-to-day experiences with this project, but the real life-changing results will stem from one’s ability to believe with faith that the information is true, beautiful and good. This choice is for you to decide personally.


If we can accept and believe that Gabriel spoke to Mary, Elijah fused right in front of Elisha and that the Son of the Living God came to our world in human form then it is an easy leap to believe that in our extraordinarily troubled world we would be visited with GOOD NEWS from other and new unseen celestial fellows come to bring us a much needed spiritual UPLIFT.


Welcome to The Urantia Book!


Welcome to change!

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We will never ask anyone for money!

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