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Greetings to ALL! We have been given this gift called The Urantia Book.  In this book we have been taught with precision by our Revelators and our Sovereign Master of our universe, Jesus.  They have told us what to do and how to do things in order to make direct contact with God who indwells our minds.  Jesus has told us exactly how our Paradise Father wants us to live our lives as Jesus is the actual physical/material expression of God Himself.  Please note that caution/wisdom should be applied when looking around online for opinions.  We are still embroiled in the Lucifer rebellion and there are MANY rebels attempting to discourage, defame and diminish this 5th epochal revelation.  Jesus wins!  [Special welcome to Christians!]

       Paradise Parent                     Location: God                  God~Man Channel

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Human society needs an UPLIFT!   


We are like a ship run aground on the dry sands of materialism, liberalism, humanism and secularism where our heavenly Father has been displaced in the least and declared a myth at the worst. However He is as near and present as the hand on the end of your arm or the eyes held within the sockets of your face. People have been searching for a friend for possibly their entire lives missing the fact that their best friend ~ God Himself ~ lives inside of them. This ship is lodged solidly in a dry dock yet the harbor is a just a short venture away. All that is needed is for each person to choose God by finding Him apart, yet within, yourselves.


This was the true gospel teaching that Jesus gave to our world.


Jesus’ actual teachings were clear and powerful when He walked upon our soil more than 2000 years ago. He taught that ‘the kingdom of God is within YOU’! Had these teachings been understood, embraced, spiritually practiced and celebrated in society back then our world would be substantially different today. But we should not be downcast and upset about this. For it is our glorious opportunity to now be the human beings on our world to resurrect not only the divine, but also HUMAN, Jesus with His correct teachings for everyone.


By teaching that the kingdom is within YOU, by exalting the individual, Jesus struck the deathblow of the old society in that He ushered in the new dispensation of true social righteousness in reality, and not merely concept. This new order of society the world has little known because it has refused to practice the principles of the gospel of the kingdom of heaven. [170:3.11 from The Urantia Book, and this may also be found in the Bible.]


We are in need of a ‘return to the high spiritual concept of Jesus, who proclaimed that the kingdom is the will of his heavenly Father dominant and transcendent in the heart of the believer’.

[170:5.19 The Urantia Book]


And when this true kingdom of God that is personal, transcendent and dominant in the heart and mind of every believer of God comes forward in awareness our human society will not merely be changed by way of the material but with group enriched spiritual values and improved human relations as a result of advancing spiritual attainments. And this will undoubtedly result in better altruistic and philanthropic works of service for the uplift of all men and women around the globe.

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This tendril originating all the way from Paradise, where your heavenly Father lives, is like ‘the finger of God’ trying to connect with you inside your mind. If you want to connect with God you surely can! He finds it difficult because of all of the things that we put into our minds that cause us to be poisoned, scattered, troubled and disjointed. However, the good news is that He loves you and wants you to try and find Him.


Faith is all that is required.


133:4.8 To the mistress of the Greek inn He [Jesus] said: “Minister your hospitality as one who entertains the children of the Most High. Elevate the drudgery of your daily toil to the high levels of a fine art through the increasing realization that you minister to God in the persons whom he indwells by his spirit which has descended to live within the hearts of men, thereby seeking to transform their minds and lead their souls to the knowledge of the Paradise Father of all these bestowed gifts of the divine spirit.” ~ Jesus

The church was an inevitable and useful social result of Jesus’ life and teachings having been obscured by mistakes made; the travesty consisted in the fact that this social reaction to the teachings of the kingdom so fully displaced the spiritual concept of the real kingdom as Jesus actually taught and lived it. Be that as it may, we do not need to worry for this same kingdom of heaven which the Master proclaimed now exists within the heart of every believer and will yet be presented to this Christian church, even as to ALL other religions, races, and nations on earth — even to every living soul. 170:5.10


Supplanting the reality teachings of the indwelling kingdom of God has been the evil part of the socialization of the so-called church of His namesake.


If the concepts of the kingdom of God had been held sacred and a subsequent socialization of this brotherhood of God’s people exponentially emerged all would be enhanced today. When we try out this teaching of personal worship with our indwelling fragment of our Father who dwells within and then this becomes socialized our human society will drastically change for the finer.


This will take time!


Nonetheless, for the sake of our children and our children’s children the time is now RIPE to begin and succeed in what will be the transforming spiritual hope for them, our future generations, and ultimately our entire population on planet Earth. Should a world crisis occur this personal spiritual citadel of each soul where their Father resides will provide all courage, comfort and confidence needed for such a challenging day. The time is now to teach and practice this as Jesus Himself asked for us to so do.


Our world has never seriously or sincerely or honestly tried out these dynamic ideas and divine ideals of Jesus’ doctrine of the kingdom of heaven.


But let us not become discouraged by the apparently slow progress of the kingdom idea on our planet. Remember that the order of progressive evolution is subjected to sudden and unexpected periodical changes in both the material and the spiritual realms. This life of Jesus as an incarnated Son of God was just such a strange and unexpected event in the spiritual life of this sphere. Our greatest accomplishment, in looking for the age manifestation of the kingdom, would be to effect its establishment within our own souls today!
















And so, for centuries, the Christian church…


...has labored under great embarrassment because it dared to lay CLAIM to those mysterious powers and privileges of the kingdom, powers and privileges which can be exercised and experienced only between Jesus and his spiritual believer brothers and sisters. And thus it becomes apparent that membership in the church does not necessarily mean fellowship in the kingdom of God; one is spiritual, the other mainly social. [170:5.18 The Urantia Book]

There was a night Jesus discoursed to the apostles on the new life in the kingdom. He said in part: "When you enter the kingdom, you are reborn. You cannot teach the deep things of the spirit to those who have been born only of this material flesh; first see that men are born of the spirit before you seek to instruct them in the advanced ways of the spirit. Do not undertake to show men the beauties of the temple until you have first taken them into the temple. Introduce men to God and as the sons of God before you discourse on the doctrines of the fatherhood of God and the sonship of men.” [141:6.4]


So, how and why should we pray?


Jesus instructed, "Prayer is entirely a personal and spontaneous expression of the attitude of the soul toward the spirit; prayer should be the communion of sonship and the expression of fellowship. Prayer, when indited by the spirit, leads to co-operative spiritual progress. The ideal prayer is a form of spiritual communion which leads to intelligent worship. True praying is the sincere attitude of reaching heavenward for the attainment of your ideals.” [144:2.2]


“If, then, you still desire such a prayer, I would present the one which I taught my brothers and sisters in Nazareth”, and He also then said:

144:3.3 Our Father who is in heaven,

144:3.4  Hallowed be your name.

144:3.5  Your kingdom come; your will be done

144:3.6  On earth as it is in heaven.

144:3.7  Give us this day our bread for tomorrow;

144:3.8  Refresh our souls with the water of life.

144:3.9  And forgive us every one our debts

144:3.10  As we also have forgiven our debtors.

144:3.11  Save us in temptation, deliver us from evil,

144:3.12  And increasingly make us perfect like yourself.


“Prayer is the [bread for tomorrow] breath of the soul and should lead you to be persistent in your attempt to ascertain the Father’s will… Again I say to you: Ask and it shall be given you; seek and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened to you. For every one who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks the door of salvation will be opened.” [144:2.3]


The reason that this personal spiritual worship experience works is almost entirely due to the fact of this fragment of God that indwells every healthy mortal mind on our planet. And when Jesus’ own Spirit of Truth, the great Comforter, was poured out upon all flesh on the day of Pentecost so long ago we can rest confidently assured that our Son of God, our own Jesus the Christ, now resides within our own souls. He and our Father will work with all of you so that you will one day attain God Himself within YOU.

Once you move from having been born of this material flesh and on into the new birth into the spirit many exciting and astonishing events will occur for you. This begins with an attitude of simple child-like faith. Never childish, mind you. But always the believing, tender, intelligent, yielded, humble faith as a child of God will avail you MUCH in this needed area in your life.


Jesus explained to His group that if they really wanted to attain their Father personally they must stop complaining, whining and discussing the difficulties of this endeavor. He extorted them to go off by themselves and lay siege to it every bit as much as an army might lay siege to an entire city waiting for the victory to emerge. Persistent patience with forthright tenacity will avail the sincere and believing worshiper MUCH.


In this still, silent, serene corridor of the mind we wait for God to come closer.


When He does LIFE CHANGE OCCURS with enjoyable emanations from the very finger of our Paradise Father come to bless the child of His own creation with the transforming touch of enlarged spiritual capacities. Resultant thereto: Off you go to a new and better life as you learn to ‘think with God’. In this way you are becoming a superhuman thinker.


When every individual has thus embraced and experienced their loving Father and Son the socialization of this new and glorious age will begin.


We are relational creatures designed by our own relational Creator.


The natural outflow of these experiences will cause all men and women to long for the fellowship of the true believers of God. The result of this GOD DISCOVERED will be the coming together of GOD’S FAMILY. This will be natural, joyful, inspiring with sincere and true declarations of how worthy He is to be celebrated with all of these brothers and sisters in the Father’s fold.

Welcome to this Journey To The Father!

Part 4, as well as the other 3 Parts, of The Urantia Book will assist you in your personal process of discovering the greatest spiritually dynamic change that mankind may enjoy. The kingdom of the divine brotherhood is alive and will eventually and certainly come forth from this long submergence, just as surely as the butterfly eventually emerges as the beautiful unfolding of its less attractive creature of metamorphic development.


To your God Discovered day ~ the group at God Discovered

Fellows who want to promote publicly are encouraged to use their own names/sites.  We believe that the less reliance upon any one person/group will produce a greater impact as we all rely solely upon Jesus who will draw all men to Himself.

We will never ask anyone for money!

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