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No Worry 3.5.2020

What Jesus preached against was not forethought but anxiety, worry. He taught the active and alert submission to our Paradise Father's will. In answer to many of their questions regarding frugality and thriftiness, Jesus simply called attention to his life as carpenter, boat-maker, and fisherman, and to his careful organization of the twelve. He sought to make it clear that the world is not to be regarded as an enemy; that the circumstances of life constitute a divine opportunity in time working along with the children of the Paradise Father. 140:8.3

This is our time – our dispensation – to find solutions for our problems, to help others and not just ourselves, to build up our faith in God and to teach others to trust their Father as well. May we make Jesus proud of us as we walk through the struggles of our lives.

To thoughtful planning so that Jesus' ministry may continue even through difficult times ~ The group at God Discovered

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